Remember When Flip Murray Wrecked Kirk Hinrich?

More Flip Murray greatness for you. This clip is from the 2007 playoff series between the Pistons and the Bulls. The Bulls had lost the first 3 games of the series but were on their way to winning game 4 when this happened.

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  • Ryan

    Hey douche bag,check the tape,that was an obvious charge,Kirk’s feet are set and he’s outside the restricted area=CHARGE. But you’re too fucking ignorant to recognize that. Has anybody else on this current group of Bulls been selected to the ALL-DEFENSIVE Team other than Kirk Hinrich?? Anyone???? Anyone???Anyone???? Did’nt think so,clown. Has Flip Murray ever guarded anyone…in his entire career as 1st class chucker? No. Did he make the All-Rookie Team? no. Has he been an Olympian? No.

  • Zoner

    Murray starts his jump before Hinrich sets his feet, so it’s definitely a block. Another word of wisdom for you: don’t go on internet sites and mouth off like you are some tough guy. For one, it makes you the true douche bag and #2, you obviously don’t know the rules. Go back and play your video game now.