Bulls Biggest Disappointment: John Salmons


Last year John Salmons came over to the Bulls, played heavy minutes and tore it up for 20+ games. This year? He has stunk it up. He has been the biggest disappointment to date in this Bulls season.

Salmons looked like a late bloomer in 08-09. He finally got the chance to be a full-time starter and he put up excellent numbers. In Sacramento he shot 47% from the floor and 42% from behind the arc. Oddly, after he was traded to the Bulls, Salmons put up the exact same numbers — 47% and 42%.

This year Salmons is shooting 39.5% from the floor and just 35% from 3-point range. There are games where he is completely a non-factor. I’ve been amazed at how badly he misses on some open looks. You think Derrick Rose needs a new coach? Salmons needs someone too. There’s something going on there.

The combination of Salmons, Hinrich and Pargo was supposed to pick up the scoring that left when Ben Gordon did. Remarkably, none of them have done the job and all 3 are shooting it at a percentage much lower than their career average. Salmons is signed through 2010-11, but you have to assume that the odds of the Bulls dealing him have gone up.

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  • http://pippenainteasy.com DIPEN PATEL

    I think this Bulls team may deal Salmons during the February trade deadline or even after the season because this Chicago team almost upset those Celtics in the postseason just last year and this will be a total disappointing step back if Chicago fails to get in the postseason this season and we Bulls fans have already seen this seen movie once before failing to get in the postseason after getting in the previous year.The Bulls have not even tallied off at least 50 wins since last winning the NBA title in 1998,when Jordan and Pippen were in the windy city,like how those NFL’s Dallas Cowboys have not even won a postseason game since January of 1997,when Emmitt Smith,Troy Aikman and Micheal Irvin were in the BIG D.The Bulls are the NBA’s Cowboys right now,but they will return to that good old 90′s glory in the near future.GO BULLS.

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