Chicago Bulls Will Fire Vinny Del Negro

Vinny Del NegroJust when you thought this situation couldn’t get any worse. Chicago Bulls head coach Vinny Del Negro is already fired according to a report from ESPN’s Chris Broussard, but because the Bulls have been unable to decide on a replacement they are keeping Del Negro on as the head coach.

The report gets even weirder:

There were discussions recently within the organization about having John Paxson, Chicago’s executive vice president of basketball operations, take over the team, but Paxson ultimately decided against it. Then, according to sources, Chicago contacted former Bulls coach Doug Collins, a candidate for the job two years ago when Del Negro was hired, but Collins was not interested in coaching the club.

You can’t blame Collins for not wanting to walk into this. It’s also now apparent that John Paxson and Gar Forman aren’t sure what they want to do, and they certainly haven’t done much planning. It’s shocking. They decide to can Del Negro and they pick up the phone to call Doug Collins? Nothing against Doug — he would have been the best choice 2 years ago — but he said no then.

Coaches are hired to be fired. You know when you start making contingency plans for a new coach? The day that you hire a new coach. Every GM should have an idea of who they want as their next coach because you never know what could happen.

This organization made some decent strides to become contenders again. But somewhere along the way we took a U-turn. This year is so done. Trade all the pieces you can to maximize free agency in 2010. Hire a coach with that in mind too.

Can you get Amar’e Stoudemire from Phoenix for Tyrus Thomas? Can you get Joe Johnson in free agency? Can you draft a starting 2 guard with your lottery pick– Avery Bradley, Xavier Henry or Evan Turner? Can you get Chris Bosh by signing Sam Mitchell to coach the Bulls? I hope the Bulls are spit-ballin’ like this. If they are calling Doug Collins, chances are they aren’t.


    There has never been a such concept in the windy city as coaches are hired to be fired, man come on.Let’s take Dr. Phil or the Zen Master, whichever one my fellow Bulls fans prefer to call him.Chicago has always hired coaches to lead these Bulls back to that old 90′s glory, not to be totally mediocore because this is the NBA’s Steelers/Cowboys a 6 NBA title-winning tradition, this is not the Clippers or the Warriors at all and Phil Jackson gave us 6 NBA titles and Chicago will keep firing coaches until they can find another Phil Jackson, just like how how those Dallas Cowboys will keep firing coaches until it can find another Jimmy Johnson because they also want to return to that old 90′s glory.GO BULLS.

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