Fire Everyone -- Bulls Lose to Lowly Nets

Fire Vinny. Fire Gar Paxdorf. Fire Benny. Fire the mascot that caught with weed — is it Da Bull? Whatever. Fire everyone. The Bulls just lost to a team that entered the game with a record of 1-19. The Bulls just lost to that team in Chicago at the United Center. That team was 0-12 on the road.

That sound you hear is the late, great Norm Van Lier busting out of his grave to go kick the ass of every employee of the Bulls. Yes, even you, Joe Accountant. That sound you hear is the late, great Johnny “Red” Kerr yelling “Oh No! C’mon!!”. That sound you hear is the click-click-clicking of ticket holders logging on to eBay and StubHub and Craig’s List trying to get something in return for their tix.

I’m so over the top with all of this? I know. But the Bulls are 7-12. The Bulls should not be 7-12. And let’s be realistic. If the Bulls want a big time free agent, don’t they also need a big time coach to match? Is DWade coming here if Vinny Del Negro is the coach? Is Chris Bosh? Is anyone?

You want to tell me that Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich are hurt? Tell your story walkin’. The Bulls like Thomas so much they aren’t going to keep him after this year. Hinrich comes off the bench and is having a crappy year shooting the ball. You are what you are in this league. The Bulls are bad. Hollinger says the Bulls have a whopping 16.6% chance to make the playoffs. Changes are needed.

So what changes? Get a new coach. Make more cap room. Trade Thomas. Trade Hinrich. Trade yo momma. I’m mad. I’m irrational right now. Or am I?

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