Joakim Noah Calls LeBron James a Bitch

LeBron James doing a little dance after scoring on the Bulls was all Joakim Noah could take during the Cavs’ blowout of the Bulls. Noah called out James from the bench as LeBron went to the foul line

NQTC says that Ric Bucher’s Twitter had a post saying: Sources @ the bench on what Joakim said to LeBron: “This is so ****ing old” + the clincher that got LJ coming at him: “You’re a b****.”

NQTC writes: “Whether you agree with him or not, you have to love the balls on Noah to call the NBA’s biggest superstar a bitch.” Oh I agree. Little dances are for losers. Rings are for men. Michael never did any dancing. He got in your face. Kobe doesn’t dance. Who does that? I guess LeBron. Maybe less dancing and more handshaking. Sound good, LeBron?

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  • Stormin Norman

    LeBron acts like a bitch sometimes. Not to say I don’t think he’s good at basketball or he’s not a good guy, he’s just a bitch sometimes.

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  • Sasha Vujacic

    Lebronze is a bitch!!…… and he dances like one too!

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  • DanceParty

    Please, Jordan was one of the biggest d-bags in the league. When the stories start about Lebron making his whole team wait until his half-court shooting contest is over you can start arguing who is the lesser douche. You want to stop Lebron from dancing? Try winning. Lebron wasn’t dancing the last time the Bulls and Cavs played. You get your butts kicked, keep your mouths shut.

  • BIg T

    Danceparty is out of his mind. We are talking about sportmanship. If I recall correctly the Jordan Bulls did a little bit of winning too. Win or lose it is a game. Hand shakes at the end of the game are the least that can be expected from professionals that get paid millions to play a game. I dont know if you follow LeBron at all but at least once a week there is new footage of him shooting numerous half, 3/4, and full court shots at practice. But maybe LeBron should be celebrating. A regular season win against the bulls in december is probably big to him. He will not have anything to dance about when he gets bounced out of the playoffs again

  • History X

    You guys love to re-write history! So your saying dancing is bad and MJ was all class. He admittedly talked as much trash as anyone and once shot a Free-Throw with his eyes closed in a blow-out!! Is that Classy? Is that rubbing it in? I think his behavior was fine and I think it’s great to see players having FUN! It’s a GAME and it’s entertainment too often we see players who are apathetic and don’t have fun playing and who don’t care one way, or another if they win or lose, as long as they get paid! (AKA Larry Hughes) Noah has a right to get upset because he does care and I respect him for that as well, but let’s not say Jordan was always CLASSY! Relax and have FUN,and Enjoy the Show!