Rasheed Wallace Goes Full Racial In Rant

Hey, when the league’s all-time leader in technical fouls speaks, you better listen up. You don’t get close to 300 career techs by talking nonsense. Right? After the Celts beat the Raptors, Sheed went off on LeBron and players he refers to as the “NBA Without Borders” kids.

“They’ve got to know that he’s a [expletive] flopper. That’s all Turkododo do. Flopping shouldn’t get you nowhere. He acts like I shot him.

That’s not basketball, man. That’s not defense. That’s garbage, what it is. I’m glad I don’t have too much of it left.”Let the Golden Child [LeBron] do that, or one of the NBA Without Border kids do that, it’s all fine and dandy.

This game is watered down, watered down with all that flopping. They’re setting rules on us to the point where you’re taunting if you dunk on somebody. Paul dunked it and then he didn’t say nothing, but it’s a tech.”

You mean the dunk where Pierce stuck his left knee out on purpose to knee Bosh in the goods?

We all want equality. Let’s hope Rasheed Wallace is held accountable for his words. Imagine if “NBA Without Borders” was changed to something derogatory for African Americans and was said by a European or white player. Think we’d have one of the Revs up in here? Most def.

I agree with Rasheed on one thing: he doesn’t have much ball left. He’s shooting below 38% and just 28% from behind the arc.

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