Chicago Bulls Weekly Roundup

Games (1-2)

denL 89-90 The Bulls played a gritty game in which Noah put up a 12 and 21 and Rose finally came alive a bit with 21 points.  The real story of this game was the game-winner Brad Miller hit, which was called off after 10 minutes of reviewing the tape.  Bulls got robbed in this one.

torL 89-99 You know its bad when you only score 11 points in the 4th quarter.  After playing pretty well through the first 2.5 periods, the Bulls had a 6 minute scoreless drought in the fourth that ended up being the difference.  The Bulls were clearly the superior team on the court, but a lapse in focus cost them the game.

phiW 94-88 The 94 the Bulls scored is their highest point total of the season.  Crazy, right?  Thank god for the great defense to prop up the terrible shooting.  Noah had 14 and 12 and Hinrich came off the bench to score 19.  Insane stat of the day? Brad Miller’s +/- was +30 in this game!

dengPlayer of the  Week — Luol Deng

Noah had another stellar week, but Deng’s consistency deserves to be rewarded.  Not only did he score 19 points per game this week, but he did it on an efficient 47% shooting.  He is taking less long jumpers and the ones he takes are going in.  Also, his 7.7 rebounds per game are huge, as he is stepping in to help fill the void in Tyrus’s absence.

Not Player of the Week — John Salmons

Is this guy kidding?  He shot 25% from the field this week.  Why isn’t it working?  His defense has been stellar and is earning him minutes, but if the shot isn’t falling he needs to just attack the basket.  Vinny is still sending him out there about 38 minutes a night, even with his terrible offense.  If he is going to just be a defensive specialist, then he needs to stop shooting so much.  Otherwise get in the gym and fix it!

Bulls Weekly Grade — B-

They played well in the Philly game and should have won the Denver one.  Noah and Deng are developing nicely and Rose seems to finally be getting a bit healthier.  The defense is solid and the shooting will come around.

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