Kevin Garnett Is Back (And Still Douchey)

There can be no doubt. Kevin Garnett is a lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame. But he’s also a lock for another hall– the one for the douchiest players to ever play NBA basketball.

In Friday night’s game against the Bulls, Garnett showed off a lot of his different douche tools. He ran his mouth most of the night, but that’s a given. After he picked up foul number 2 in the 1st quarter, Garnett was flustered as he headed to the bench. Along the way he barked and barked at the ref, even until the ball was almost inbounded to resume play again. All that for a second foul in the 1st quarter of the third game of the year? Relax, man.

Another douchey occurrence came on a bad defensive switch by the Bulls, something we’ll be seeing here in Chicago all year long. Garnett got the ball on the low block and was covered by Derrick Rose, who stands approximately one foot shorter than Garnett. Garnett made an easy bucket off the glass over Rose. Head back up the floor and play D? Nope, not KG. He had to pump his fist, leer at Rose and actually say something to him. Are you kidding me? An easy basket over a point guard and you are hooting and glaring and fist-pumping? And it was Derrick Rose. The nicest guy on the whole team and he never talks trash. It was ridiculous.

KG had a solid game, though he didn’t seem too interested in playing under the basket and had only 4 boards. And the Celts did smoke the Bulls, who were on a back to back with a travel day. But what happened to you KG? Are you really going to do this the rest of your career?


KG: Got the Ring, Still No Class

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  • Alex

    Um, you do realize that Kevin Garnett has been this intense his WHOLE career, right? The only time you notice this is when he’s in one of the greatest teams in the NBA.

    His “douchiness” gives his team the adrenaline and intensity to kick the Chicago Bulls’ asses last night.

    If KG was in the Chicago Bulls and he was this intense with your team, you would respect him and say he has a lot of heart. But because he’s part of the Celtics and the C’s are whooping everyone’s ass so far, you are jealous and decide to bash KG for his “douchy” ways.

  • zoner

    No I wouldn’t. Intensity and douchiness are not mutually exclusive.

  • kellex

    I’m so sick of hearing that he has “heart” from Celtics fans. There is definitely a line and so you Celtics tools understand, he was NOT like this before Boston. Maybe winning drives people to full on douchness, but he actually did play with heart back in Minnesota.

  • jason m

    he’s not saying he didn’t have heart in minnesota but as a celts fan that watched them suck for 20 years it’s easy to say he’s the heart of the team look at how the celts played without him in the playoffs taken to 7 games by the bulls but with him they destroyed the bulls the other night now he’s only a douche because he’s not on your team it’s the same with every player in sports if he’s your guy he rocks if not he’s a douche

  • Michael

    I’m a Raps fan and I’d trade our entire front line for Garnett. Garnett does not quit. After you’ve suffered through Vince Carter, you realize that you’ll put up with almost anything to have a player who actually cares about winning basketball games.

  • James

    The “douchiness” you speak of, that’s called intensity. I’m not a Celtics fan, never have been, nor ever will be. However, this little rant is so retarded it required being mocked.

    Just because it’s the first quarter of the third game you feel he needs to relax? You understand this is a competitive sport, correct? Oh, and poor Derrick Rose got leered at, but he’s a nice guy! KG shouldn’t do that to a nice guy! Could you please cry more.

    The more I read over this, the worse it gets. Considering you’re calling KG a douche for mouthing off, perhaps we should call this the Douche Blog, as it’s exactly what you are doing to KG. By the way, it was only the third game of the season…relax!

  • John Kreese

    Hilarious and totally true. I respect KG and his game but he is indeed a douche. Look no further than his “intensity” from last year, pathetically mean-mugging Chicago from the bench in his Carlton/Urkel gear. Annoying.

  • Zoner


    Garnett has a documented history of getting into it with smaller players and backing away from the bigs. Look into it.

    I’ve never said he wssn’t intense and I said he is a HOFer. But you can be intense and dominate without being a douche. Kobe, A.I., Olajuwon even LeBron play with intensity. They just don’t act like douches.

    I’m not crying. I’m pointing out the difference between intensity and being a douchebag.

  • amazingbulls

    awwww, poor bulls on a back-to-back :( yea, garnett should just relax, its not like hes being paid millions of dollars to play basketball. why does he take it so seriously?? and your boy joakim, he’s a little intense too. ughhhh, what is up with these nba players and their “intensity.” it’s like, come on. stop playing the game with that intensity and heart and start goofing off a little. that’s how MJ won his six titles, by not taking basketball seriously. ask any of the greats. silliness=rings. so stop being a douche KG and start losing. i’m sure we’d all rather watch every single NBA game being played like the crappy Allstar game.

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  • td

    sooooo… obviously you started watching basketball around ehhhh the 2007-2008 season when kg was traded to the celtics? all this “what happened to you kg” stuff is ridiculous….all the things you hate on him for, he’s been doing his whole career…yes WHOLE career…please do a little bit better as a “journalist” and RESEARCH before you post?

    that is all,

    concerned (for your credibility) reader.

    ps – all teams in the nba have “back to backs” on their schedule, stop making excuses….clown.

  • Mike

    I watched KG for years in Minnesota and no he was never this big of a douche. Hes always played with intensity, but now that hes on a good team he has taken upon himself to become the biggest douche in the NBA. Noticed how he only picks on euro players and small guards. That makes him a pussy as well.

  • LJB

    Uhh…I’ve seen KG bark at David West (6’10, 245), and Zaza Pachulia (7’1″, 290)…..they are Kinda Big…….

  • Zoner

    TD- I actually watched him here in Chicago in high school, probably before you were born. The KG in Minny was as intense as he is now, but didn’t have that douchey side effect. You can go back to hugging his nuts now.

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  • Craigga

    kellex is a Blazers fan and talking smack about the C’s… Zoner, KG HAS been this way his whole career and his intensity is (a) what has made him as popular and prosperous as he has been since being taken straight out of high school (just now people notice because he is on a team people pay attention to) and (b) one of the main factors in the Celtics 2007 title run.

    If KG’s ‘tude = douchey = NBA Title… I’ll take it.

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  • jang

    douche bag indeed…kg is not only a douche bag pansy, but he probably is the most hated by nba players. you would think that all that losing in minny and finally winning a championship would result to humility…normally it would, but not when you’re a celtic…the douchiest franchise in the nba…stay classy boston…nevermind. it’s too late…

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