Should Bulls Fans Really Want Amar'e Stoudemire?

amare_stoudemireShould Bulls Fans Really Want Amar’e Stoudemire? The quick answer is an immediate yes. He’s an upgrade over an big man we currently have on the roster. He’s just 26 years old. He has career averages of 21 & 8 on 54% shooting. He gets his share of steals and blocks some shots. He probably becomes a better defender the minute he puts on a new jersey.

Hoopsworld considers the Bulls one of the leaders in the race to get Amar’e, should the Suns decide to deal him:

Bulls send Tyrus Thomas ($4.7 million for 2009-2010), John Salmons (two years and $11.2 million left on current contract), and Jerome James ($6.6 million expiring contract), — To Phoenix in exchange for Amar’e Stoudemire, Jared Dudley, and a 2010 second-round pick.

The Bulls would once again be without a big guard but would have the scoring machine in Stoudemire. Looking at Rose and Stoudemire running the break in my mind’s eye is enough to alter the chemical balance.

But Bulls Confidential wonders if this is the type of player that you really want to sign to a long-term deal.

I don’t think the Bulls want to sign Amar’e long term.  The guy’s going to cost 20 million a year, has a messed up eye, and a knee that can go at any moment. Do you want to lock up Amare for six years starting next year? If not, do you want to give up anything to get him now?

For his part, Stoudemire is back to working out and sounds like he is ready to dominate the league. From

He wore protective eyewear during the workout, and will have to do so for the remainder of his career. “Sometimes, I felt like it was going faster than I expected, as far as competition,” Stoudemire said. “Other than that, I felt great. To finally be back out there with the guys and running sprints with them, I got my family back. It’s almost like you ran away from home for a while. Now, you’re back home and you feel how great it is to be around your family.”

“I feel like if I had to retire because of the injury, how will my legacy be? Will I be a Hall of Famer? Would I have a championship? Is my legacy what I dreamed it to be? At that point of time, I’d say no. So now, I’m back with a vengeance. I want to make sure that my legacy is starting to build. It is going to start this year.”

There is a lot that has to happen before Stoudemire is traded from Phoenix, if he is even dealt. Then teams like the Bulls also have to consider the impact, if any, such a deal might have on acquiring one of the coveted 2010 free agents. I think Stoudemire is a means to an end, but he isn’t going to bring you a title by himself. Can the Bulls get him and say Dwyane Wade?

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