Linkin Ain't Easy


I can guarantee that these links are better than Michael Beasley’s new tat.

Tags: Derrick Rose

  • Tung

    Ok. So I rip on Joakim Noah a lot. But would I take him as a 6th man on my team? You’re damn right I would… But that doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s still really ugly.

    Joakim also is the perfect player to hate because of all of the things he can’t do (shoot) and because of all of the small, scrappy things he does do (never gives up on a play, bangs bodies, etc.) that just pisses you off if you’re playing against the Bulls.

    Anyway. He made it on my haiku list to NBA players that I hate: check it out.

  • beastarsenal

    Wanted to pass this along too…enter to win a chance to play pickup ball with CP3…it ends saturday so go for it while you can: