"Shoeless" Eddy Curry

Not too long ago I tapped out a post called Eddy Curry: Hype Sequel. It was based on a report that Curry had been working out like a monster and losing weight to become more athletic. There was also talk about speed and explosiveness and that a team doctor was impressed. I thought that maybe Curry was ready to fulfill his massive potential, but I wanted to see it first, because it was a “hype sequel”.

Then this happened:

None other than Garden chairman James Dolan was on hand to see one of his biggest investments, Eddy Curry, prove that he is ready to resurrect his career.

And here’s the show Curry gave his boss: He forgot to bring his sneakers. That’s like Alex Rodriquez showing up for the Home Run Derby without his bat.

Other than dropping a few pounds, Curry failed to make much of an impression during his two-day visit with the Knicks’ top executives.

He didn’t scrimmage with the rookies and free agents and barely broke a sweat during his light – emphasis on the word light – workout at a local high school. Mostly, Curry looked disinterested and eager to get out of town.

When asked on Sunday if he intended to play in any of the Vegas Summer League games, Curry laughed. The Curry Project – getting him in shape, hoping he plays well and then trading him – is becoming a subject of much confusion and intrigue.

For his part, Walsh sounds encouraged by Curry’s fitness and reminded reporters that Curry had “firmed up” his arms. Of course, Curry’s arms were being covered by a baggy shirt.

Nothing we haven’t seen before here in Chicago. If he ever truly makes a change, it will be after next season. That is when he will have 1 year left on his contract, a player option for over $11 million. If he does well that season, he can get paid again.

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