Scottie Pippen on Derrick Rose

The namesake speaks. And he has some words of wisdom for the Bulls. From the Trib, here’s what Scottie Pippen had to say about Derrick Rose:

“He’s a very exciting player who I love watching play because he plays a lot bigger than his size and doesn’t mind mixing it up. I just think you have to put some players around him or he’s going to sort of fade away.

As good as he is, you can beat a dead horse only so much. If he’s not motivated here by winning as his career continues, then he’s going to start looking at guys like Ben Gordon who made a move.

Playing this game is a lot of fun. But the meat-and-potatoes of this league is winning. If you’re not on a team that’s winning, it takes a lot out of you as a player.”

rose-dunkI think Pippen is right to an extent. We saw a similar scenario with Elton Brand. People criticized Krause for that trade, but there was no way Elton Brand was going to re-sign with the Bulls because they were awful at the time. He had to be traded. Krause knew that. The results of that deal weren’t stellar, but the trade had to go down.

Rose’s Chicago roots should factor into this. Should he decide to leave via free agency he might be persona non grata, at least initially. And unlike Gordon, the Bulls will do everything in their power to keep him here. I would be shocked if the Bulls did not land one of the big 2010 free agents to join Rose. They should make the playoffs again next season.

But Pip’s message is simple: DRose is a superstar. Now make sure you do absolutely everything you can to make him happy.

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  • leia

    I think Scottie is exaggerating I mean, come on, Derrick is only going into his 2nd year into the league. Free agency is a long time from now. Honestly, I think it’s a good thing there wasn’t another star on the team last season because I felt like that helped Derrick to develop. I trust that we will get good pieces to play alongside Rose because he’s so special. Right now, I feel like it would be overly dramatic to say that ‘if we don’t find him a good supporting cast, he will be gone.’ This isn’t Dwyane Wade or Lebron we’re talking about here.

  • docksquad

    - I trust that we will get good pieces to play alongside Rose because he’s so special

    I hope you are right. Last time we had money and there were huge free agents we sent benny the bull and signed eddie robinson. I pray you are right…
    Bulls in 2011!!!!

  • Raps Fan

    I assume pippen was talking about a couple years of mediocrity from now, and not next season. Teams usually have about 4 years with their rookies before they get fed up and want to move on.

    Didn’t know that about Brand, I assumed Krause was doing lines and thought wtf…lol

    Great name for the site btw.

  • Zoner

    Dock that line deserves a post all of its own. So true.

    Raps thanks for stopping by. That’s what Pip was talking about. They have that 4 year window, but if the team stinks during those 4 years…could be bye-bye.

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  • Funks

    Pippen is right. Rose is the only special talent recruited since 1998. Eddie Curry and Tyson Chandler were not talent…just potentially good players. As a young Bull, Ron Artest was talented, but not a special talent. Artest also needed time to mentally develop. Rose is able to carry a team. Point guards at that level are not made…they are born. Rose appears to have a very mature demeanor and IQ for the game. As far as I know, Kevin Garnett did not demand to be surrounded by talent early in his career. He had to leave much later to find it. Hence, I agree with “the best all around player” Scottie Pippen. The Bulls need to build on their special talent.