Taj Gibson: Starter or Energy Sub?

taj-gibsonQuick: name all of the skinny starting power forwards in the league. OK, I’ll give you another minute. Maybe LaMarcus Aldridge? And even he has 20 pounds on Taj Gibson.

So it begs the question: will Taj Gibson ever be a starter in the NBA? Or will he merely be an energy guy? You need those too, to be sure.

Maybe the Bulls aren’t concerned about his label, or whether he starts or comes off the bench. What they are concerned about is finding good defenders who can run opponents off the floor with Derrick Rose. Tyrus can do it. Even Joakim can do it now. Gibson is another shot-blocking big that can run all day.

I’m starting to come around on this pick. And as much as every Bulls fan wants someone that can score down low and with their back to the basket, you didn’t see those available in the draft.

Gibson can be an important rotation piece for years to come. And if the Bulls ever do trade Tyrus, they have something similar right behind him. Same goes for James Johnson and Deng. The Bulls did get better in the draft. And they added to their options.

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  • http://notqualifiedtocomment.com/ Stormin Norman Disciple

    I like the pick too. At 16 there was no one realistically that could be the impact post all-star everyone wants. Gibson and Johnson have good upside and were decent picks at those positions.

  • blair

    I got to watch Gibson play a lot since I live out here on the West Coast. I think he’ll stick in the league, but be more of a role player off the bench than a starter. He can block shots and rebound, and he does a pretty good job getting to the line for a guy without too many offensive moves. Definitely not as athletic as Noah or Thomas, but will be willing to do the dirty work needed from a big off the bench. I was trying to think of a similar player at the NBA level and all I can come up with is Ronny Turiaf, but Gibson is a better leaper, but not as athletic overall.

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