Ben Gordon Is A Detroit Piston

That just happened. Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva have signed deals with the Detroit Pistons, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“While teams can’t publicly comment on free agents until July 8 — the first day players can sign — the Gordon deal is believed to be worth $55 million over five years and Villanueva’s is thought to be worth $35 million over five years.”

So Gordon is gone. The Bulls didn’t draft a replacement for him and there isn’t a lot of quality available in free agency. As of right now it looks like the Bulls will go with a three guard rotation of Rose, Hinrich and Salmons.

The Bulls will definitely have more size next year. And in adding Gordon and Villanueva, the Pistons just got a lot worse defensively.

  • toasterhands

    What’s going on with Deng, is he supposed to come back and be productive?

    What about the Bulls entertaining signing Wafer?
    Would be a decent replacement possibly for Gordon wouldn’t it?

    Heck, even with Detroit’s signings, I still put the Bulls ahead of the Pistons in terms of record.


  • DerrickRosesAgent

    What happened happened. Today I read that Rudy Fernandez was unhappy with the Blazers pursuing Hedo. So if the Blazers do land him and unhappy Fernandez threatens to go to Europe or demands a trade, what if we offer Kirk for Rudy/steve blake/another player..then we can get a pure 2 in fernandez who is young and can mature with rose..and blake can backup rose. what do you think?

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  • Stormin Norman Disciple

    Losing Ben Gordon will hurt the Bulls a lot. Even though he wasn’t great on defense, he was very effective and there are maybe 6, 7 better 2 guards in the league (tops). I just had to make my token pro-BG comment on Pippen Ain’t Easy. Done and done.