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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    to comment on the “whitewashing of the pacers”; wow, i’m not a racist person by any means. i grew up in a small town in n.iowa on a farm. i saw very few black people as i grew up. i would see a few of them as i ventured toward waterloo iowa and desmoines iowa as a young adult. i’ve made friends with black and white since then. i told my black friends of the sterio-type attitude i grew up with about blacks. that did’nt make me predudice, it just made me un-educated about other races of my small world i grew up in. i saw how other people lived and how they were brought up. that is where it is. it’s how you were brouht up that forms your way of thinking, what’s right-whats wrong. most of the people that larry bird grew up with were hard working white/farm type like myself. you learn to trust those kind of people, because you know of them. larry played with some good black people when he came into the league and was a great team mate and a good friend from the reports that i’ve always read about him. magic johnson speaks so highly of him he calls him a brother on the court. so i personally don’t see the racism in larry. i don’t know him personally, but never did he ever come across that way when he played. he handled the black/white thing with class when he played, and i think he’s getting a bad knock now for apparently “whitewashing the pacers”. i think he’s doing a good job cleaning them up. white or black, we just don’t need this thug-punk-gangsta image that is prevalent in the nba today. who is causing that problem. it’s not that all black players bring this to the nba. any player, white, black, or any other race should be held to a high standard because of the influence they have on kids. if they can’t, toss em. white/black=? i think this is what larry is really trying to say?