Chicago Bulls Recent Draft Grades

Taking a look at the players selected by the Bulls in the last 3 drafts. One thing is clear: Draftin ain’t easy.

Year Lg Rd Pick Player College
2008 NBA 1 1 Derrick Rose University of Memphis
2008 NBA 2 39 Sonny Weems University of Arkansas

Notes: Weems was dealt to Denver and the Bulls got back Omer Asik, who is still playing overseas. He’s a 7’0″, 255 lb. Center that has played in the Turkish League and Euroleague. Rose is the reigning Rookie of the Year, the face of the franchise and the hope for the future. Draft Grade: A+

Year Lg Rd Pick Player College
2007 NBA 1 9 Joakim Noah University of Florida
2007 NBA 2 49 Aaron Gray University of Pittsburgh
2007 NBA 2 51 JamesOn Curry Oklahoma State University

Notes: I couldn’t even tell you where Curry was last year. Gray is a 10th-12th man type, fundamentally decent but not strong or fast enough to make an impact. Noah finally started to become the player I thought he would be after watching him at Florida. He still needs more strength and some kind of move around the basket. Draft Grade: B-

Year Lg Rd Pick Player College
2006 NBA 1 2 LaMarcus Aldridge University of Texas
2006 NBA 1 16 Rodney Carney University of Memphis

Notes: Aldridge was traded for Tyrus Thomas. Aldridge may not be as good defensively or as athletic as Thomas, but he is a bonafide scorer and does almost everything well. Carney was dealt for Sefolosha. Sefolosha was dealt for the #26 pick in this draft. This grade will likely change based on what the Bulls get at 26. But for now: Draft Grade: B-

They had the top pick last year and made the best possible choice they could. The 2007 draft was not very good, so I gave the Bulls a B- with the Noah/Gray picks. But in 2006 the Bulls passed on Brandon Roy, Randy Foye and Rajon Rondo.

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