Who Will Run With Derrick Rose?

“The Chicago Bulls are at a crossroads. They’ve gone through two complete rebuilding projects since Michael Jordan left the team over a decade ago, only the second of which was even remotely successful.”Hoopsworld

I’d argue that the second rebuilding project was more than ‘remotely successful’. Pride and work ethic were restored under Paxson and Skiles and there was a solid playoff run in there. But they are indeed at a crossroads.

The Bulls will likely always be close because they have one of the league’s young superstars running point for them. But there are always teams that end up in that realm of being good enough to get to the playoffs, but not good enough to win championships or even compete for them.

This is their crossroads: how do they get that one player that will elevate them to true contenders? Is it in the draft? Do they have to move up to get him? Do they trade some young players and get a young Power Forward like Chris Bosh? Do they wait on the big free agency crop of 2010? Do they think it is already on the roster in Thomas or Deng?

These are the types of decisions that Gar Forman needs to make and he can’t miss on them. I shudder to think that years down the road we’ll be reading a story about how the Bulls are trying to get Derrick Rose a ring before he retires.

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