Small Guards Need Not Apply

Sam Smith has a post up about the Bulls working out guards. He writes that Ben Gordon’s possible replacement was at the Berto:

The Bulls took a look at Eric Maynor from Virginia Commonwealth, Jeff Teague from Wake Forest, Nick Calathes from Florida, Tasheed Carr from St. Joseph’s, David Holston from Chicago State and Bryan Mullins from Southern Illinois via Downers Grove High School.

With the exception of Calathes — who is playing in Greece next year — they all are 6’4″ and under. Someone really needs to explain to me why the Bulls are even looking at point guards, or any undersized guards.

Kirk Hinrich is signed through 2011-12, so I’m not sure why people are concerned about his departure. If the Bulls deal him they are going to do so to free up funds for the 2010 free agent class. If that’s the case not one tear will be shed if Hinrich has to go, as much as many Bulls fans love him.

And with Derrick Rose, who really cares who backs up the point? The Bulls need size all over, specifically a big guard that can defend. At #16 the Bulls should take the best big man on the board. That will likely be DeJuan Blair, Tyler Hansbrough or BJ Mullens.

If people are really concerned about replacing Gordon’s scoring, Jodie Meeks might not even be drafted. If the Bulls want someone like him all they have to do is trade a 2010 2nd round pick for one in this year’s draft. The Bulls could easily do that to nab a pure scorer like Meeks and still add a big guard like Budinger, Ellington or Louisville’s Terrence Williams at #26.

That would be my draft. You get a low-post player, a big guard and a scorer like Meeks. And it’s very feasible.

But looking at the Speedy Claxton’s of the draft does nothing for me, and won’t do anything for the Bulls either. Maybe it’s simply “due diligence”, but I would be surprised and disappointed if the Bulls took a small guard.

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