Shaq To Cavs? Bosh To Bulls?

The Cavs are said to be in talks to acquire Shaquille O’ Neal. As a Bulls fan, do you care?

I don’t. They already had the best record anyway. Does it make them better? Yes. More playoff ready? Yes. But the Bulls have to deal with their own shortcomings before they get concerned about the Cavs.

Another rumor making the rounds is Chris Bosh to the Bulls. Bosh has publicly stated he plans to become a free agent but the latest rumor has him wanting to go to the Heat.

The Heat have Michael Beasley to offer. The Bulls have Tyrus Thomas and some other pieces, including their 2 draft picks. If I’m the Raps, I surely don’t wait until the deadline to deal Bosh. He could inexplicably play poorly — or even worse — get injured. So if I’m the Bulls I pursue this as hard and as quickly as possible.

Bleacher Report has this rumor: Bosh to the Bulls for Tyrus, Gordon (S & T) and the 2 picks. Toronto also has the 9th overall pick. This would allow them to retool very quickly. The Bulls then would be without any picks in the draft, but I would do it.

Bosh is just 25 and he’s a 20-10 guy night in and night out. He’s the perfect compliment to Rose. You have to love Thomas’ potential, but maybe it’s best to deal him while he has market value, and he’s just not as good as Bosh.

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