Tyrus Thomas: Long-Term Bull?

From Hoopsworld:

While many have already traded Thomas in whatever deal strikes their fancy – to Phoenix in a package for Amar’e Stoudemire is a popular one – the Bulls are committed to Thomas being part of their future. The word on the street is the Bulls will open contract extension talks with Thomas’ agent this summer – he is eligible for an extension that would kick in for the 2010-11 season this summer – to keep him in Chicago. That’s where Thomas wants to be and that’s where the Bulls want him to be.

I would be all for that — depending on the money. Most Bulls fans are banking on landing one of the big free agents next year. As long as that is not inhibited in any fashion, get it done. I suppose Dwyane Wade is the name I read about the most. Coupling him with Rose would be insane, and like Rose, Wade is a Chicagoan too.

tyrus_thomasAnd is not Tyrus Thomas a perfect accompaniment to those 2 stars? If we are looking for Tyrus Thomas to be one of the main players in the next championship run, we might be waiting for quite some time. But as one of the main “supporting players” he’s a tremendous asset.

Thomas can run the court, jump out of the gym and block shots. Those things aren’t going away anytime soon. His offensive game has improved immensely, if not his shot selection. And yes, he is a “tweener”, but with proper coaching and strategy, couldn’t that actually play in the Bulls favor?

I’m good either way. Some team wants him in part of a deal to brings us a star, great. Or we sign a star and keep Thomas as some sort of Tayshaun Prince/Horace Grant hybrid, that’s fine too. He’s going to help us win either way.

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  • http://lifeondumars.com/ toasterhands

    I hope you guys keep him, he’s got Star potential.

    If that jumper progresses, watch out.

  • http://pippenainteasy.com/ Zoner

    You’re not just saying that because you are a Pistons fan, are you? LOL

    Also, love the name of your site!

  • http://lifeondumars.com/ toasterhands

    Ha, I like this Chicago team. I’ve always liked Kirk and Ben though. I’ve always thought that Salmons was sort of lost in the mix all the time, now he’s known. And I can appreciate Noah oddly enough, for some reason he’s much more tolerable than Varejao.

  • Vohaul79

    Keep him! At least give the young guy a few more years and see what we have. Once he and Noah got playing time due to injurys forcing the issue, both progressed very very much. Think about the potential of getting them real minutes from the beginning of the season, then imagine the potential if there were some coaching adjustments.

    I know Tyrus is a bit inconsistent, and Vinny didn’t seem to like him being out there during the playoffs for some reason…But I say let him grow into his game and figure out how to oop with Rose and we will be deadly.

  • http://www.utahjazz.com Pat

    Looks like there is a good chance Tyrus is coming to Utah. Most of us big NBA fans here have watched him and admired his game. Hope it turns out!

    By the way, the Bulls would get Carlos Boozer in return. He’s a dang good player but just doesn’t like playing here. He get’s a boo-boo on his finger and he sits for weeks keeping the bench warm. But in Chicago I think he could excel, and he wouldn’t be in our conference. :)

    Bring it on baby! Go Jazz!