Playoffs Ain't Easy: Nothing in Miller's Throat

Brad Miller: 8-9 from the floor, 2-2 from 3 and hits all 5 free throws. Add to that 10 boards and 2 blocks and I’d say that Miller is has redeemed himself.

And I’m not talking about the game 5 free throw miss. I’m talking about his series play, which has been spotty, and downright sloppy at times. Too many turnovers, too man ymental lapses and as expected, some porous defense. How poetic was it that he hit the free throws at the end?

Is there any doubt that Rondo is a thug? Grabbing Hinrich’s arm and throwing him out of bounds. Who does that? Rondo has made 2 thug-like plays in this series that would even make Ron Artest wince. Rondo had 19 assists but was just 4-17 from the field.

And if Ben Gordon wants to go ahead and work around screens and keep track of his man on defense, I’ll go ahead and throw out that game 7 would be a really good time to start. If your hammy is healthy enough to get to the basket and get elevation on your shot, surely you can fight a little harder on D.

Other quick thoughts:

Kirk Hinrich: Onions.

John Salmons: 13-22, 5-9 from 3, 35 points and 60 minutes played. Wow. And he took it to the rack hard in the OTs. PLAYA.

How does the Celtics bench amass just 11 points in a 3-OT game?

Why is Stephon Marbury afraid to shoot the ball, and when did he become so slow?

scalIs Brian Scalabrine the ginger Screech? Yes, he is.

I give Big Baby mass props for stepping up with a big game. But why did he foul Miller at the end? That was nuts.

Derrick Rose’s jumper is looking better all the time. A bit too many forced passes in the lane, but 28-8-7 and the huge block near the end.

And I think someone told Joakim this is the NBA equivalent of March Madness. Is he not playing like he did in Florida? Coast to coast jam? Insanity!

Ray Allen just played incredibly. I was starting to think it would have been better to just give him 3 foul shots each time.

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  • Seth

    Rondo is acting like a complete dick and has lost my respect just like KG did last playoffs and this regular season with his antics. Ray Allen is pure class; gotta love him. Congrats to the Bulls for tonight’s amazing win.

  • brocket77

    I want to see an amazing game 7 as much as everyone else does, but the NBA must uphold its integrity and Stern needs to suspend Rondo for his antics. If Howard gets the boot for an elbow, surely Rondo gets SOMETHING for throwing Kirk into the scorers table right? Oh wait, the commish wouldnt want to look like he is fixing for an upset. Or hurt the ratings. The facts are simple, you play like a thug and like your from the ghetto, you pay the price. And unfortunate as it may be, that price SHOULD BE GAME 7. You make millions of dollars, keep your composure. You let your composure slip and were not thinking about your team, but rather your ego. Now sit on the bench with KG game 7 and think about what a prick you are becoming. Stern, if you read these or have your assisstants scour the web for ideas on how to do your job better, suspend ghetto fabulous and keep the integirty of the game in tact. What is good for one is good for all. Dont let it slide because its game 7, TEACH these thugs a lesson LOUD and CLEAR.

  • boomer

    Great series so far. I have to agree about Noah. I’ve never been a big fan and always thought of him as a cross between Bozo and Sideshow Bob, but I thought the same thing about his game last night. He always seemed to be there in the clutch. Maybe this kid is a gamer?

  • docksquad

    amazing man. i can’t believe it. im so happy i was able to go. i wrote about it last night, but it’s still all a blur. we can do this on saturday man! lets go bulls! rondo sucks!

  • BostonSully

    Rondos a thug? Pleassssee. So Brad Miller is a thug too for throwing a half assed punch at Glen Davis right? What Rondo did wasnt right, but Hinrich isnt an angel either boxing him out to the scorers table. Rondo got a Flagrant 1 and thats what it should be. In the 3 years Rondo has been in Boston hes never been involved in anything thing like what happened last night. I cant remember him even getting a flagrant before. Emotions run high in the playoffs, it is what it is. Tell me what exactly did KG do to lose respect? Dont get that as he is one of the more highly thought of players in the league. Regardless, this series has been nothing short of spectacular(stating the obvious here). Whoever comes away with the win definitely earned it. Im not gonna lie i kinda looked past you guys in this series because you were only .500 during the season. Did you guys battle injuries during the regular season or was it something else? With the way Gordon, Rose, and Salmons have been playing any team in the playoffs wouldve been hard pressed to beat the you guys. It seems like one of those guys hits a big shot every time down the floor. One thing i didnt like was the Bulls fans chanting “overrated” last night. I mean we ARE playing without arguably our best player and defensive leader, and with him this is a totally different series. Good luck in Game 7.

  • mikesatx

    I hope to god this is a great game seven! The Bulls I am rooting for as I cannot stand the way the Celtics are playing specially that Rondo!

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  • Matty Mac

    Listen, I am a lifelong Celtics fan, but more so a basketball fan. I have played the game since I was 8 and still do to this day (23 years later). Now, with that, the whole Rondo thing has nothing to do with his character or really who he is as a person. If what he did is a reflection of his character, then the same can be said for Hinrich who went after him in retaliation. As someone mentioned before, they’re gamers and in situations like this tensions run high and these things happen. Should Rondo have been slapped with the flagrant? Of course he should have. Should Hinrich have been hit with the T? Of course, that’s what happens when you retaliate. Anyone who has played the game, or any other sport really, at a competitive level has experienced these things many times over. In the end, you leave it all on the court and let it wash away in the shower after the game. If Rondo is a “thug”, then so is Ben Gordon for grabbing his balls and Miller might as well be a convicted murderer.

    I love the way Miller plays the game. He’s tough, he doesn’t try to do things he’s not capable of and he always contributes. But over the course of his career he has had his fair share of scraps and flagrants (Shaquille/Trevor Ariza and Josh Howard come to mind). Now, I am not putting him up there with the likes of Artest and Oakley, but just trying to even the playing field (or court, I guess) if we’re going to start calling Rondo a thug. If Rondo or Hinrich or even Miller were actually thugs/dirty players, then the antics would not have stopped after the first scuffle. But that did not happen and they went ahead and played a fantastic game. Let the players play, and if Rondo or any other Celtic does something thuggish or dirty, I’ll be the first to admit it. Let’s just appreciate the fact that we have two teams chock full of competitors playing letting it all hang out. A true basketball fan will appreciate that.

    See you on Saturday. Let’s hope it’s another battle.

  • Matty Mac

    one more thing…..

    “…..The Bulls I am rooting for as I cannot stand the way the Celtics are playing specially that Rondo!”

    So, watching a young, somewhat underrated guard average a triple-double is difficult for you? Go weep with the rest of the Spurs fans. That was a ridiculous statement.

  • zoner

    To be clear, when i say thug, it is strictly in a basketball-sense. I mean no judgment on Rondo as a person.

    I don’t see how you can say the same of Hinrich, as he was simply reacting to what Rondo did to him.

    And I don’t think Gordon is a thug. I associate thug with overly physical or cheap shot type plays. Rondo has 2 of those this series. If this was the reg. season I guarantee you he would have been assessed a flagrant for his play on Miller. He’s lucky to be playing in game 7.

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