Linkin Ain’t Easy


USA Today linked to my KG story and has a poll asking if Garnett should be woofin’ from the sideline. To be clear, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to be animated, passionate and make some noise from the bench, even if you are not suited up. But to get in guys’ faces, yell choke and all that? That’s what I didn’t like.

But so far America seems to think that Garnett should have a seat and just watch the game. The sample size was small as I was writing this post, but it was 72% that voted “Yes. Only when you play do you get a say” and 28% for “No. Let Garnett woof. It is entertaining.”

So 28% loves KG’s Jack Haley imitation. Other links…

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  • docksquad

    congrats on making it on usa today!
    lets go bullies tonight. im going !

  • Michael

    Hey, I’m from from FanSided.

    Who really cares if he’s doing it. He’s breaking no rules, and he’s arguably one of the best power forwards in history and earned the right to smack talk. If this was Rodman, y’all Bulls fans would be just saying its a part of the game. This is no worse than Horfard standing over and taunting Pierce last season. If the Bulls and the fans can’t handle a little smack talk, better toughen up.

  • zoner

    What’s funny is Rodman wouldn’t even do that.

  • nihil

    Is that like when the Bulls bench was all up yelling in Eddie George’s ear while he was shooting a three in game 7?

    Real classy, pine sitters.

  • zoner

    Maybe if the Celts had Eddie George playing the Bulls would have won. I think you might be referring to Eddie House.

    Enjoyed all the profane e-mails from all you classy Boston fans. Maybe that’s what rubbed off on KG.