KG: Got the Ring, Still No Class

Shortly after Derrick Rose was mugged by Kendrick Perkins after Rose beat him to a missed shot for an offensive rebound, there was Rajon Rondo swooping into to try and decapitate Brad Miller.

Rondo’s slashing hand came nowhere near the ball. It slammed into Miller’s neck and face. It was clearly a flagrant foul, but that was not the call. Miller ended up bloody, and surely dazed. He had to try and get it together quickly to attempt 2 free throws to tie the game. He missed the first, and there was Kevin Garnett clearly seen yelling at Miller that he was a choker.

Garnett is either dim-witted, particularly mean-spirited or both.

First, it’s hardly choking if you miss a free-throw after being the recipient of a flagrant foul like Miller was. Second — and someone might want to remind KG about this — you are the World Champions playing a team that was .500 on the year. They have already beaten you on your own floor. The series was tied at 2. And yet you have the gall to get on your high-horse and yell choke? You’re excited about that? You and your team should be humbled by your performance, not puffing out your chest and yelling things at the Bulls. You’d think a vet like KG would consider that the Bulls should be nowhere near sniffing a series win. But you get your hoot and holler on, KG.

I’ve got news for him and the rest of Boston: the Bulls have already won and you have already lost, regardless of who enters the 2nd round of the playoffs. That much is clear. But there is Garnett — not even playing — hollering ridiculous taunts from the bench and making those non-intimidating (save for Glen Davis) contorted faces. Look crazy Bro. They’ll think you’re so tough. The truth is, Aaron Gray currently has more license to do those things than you do. All it really does is make you look like an idiot.

Maybe it’s also a feeling of inferiority on Garnett’s part. After all, I’d go ahead and guess that Michael Jordan would be playing with a bone spur. Not exactly Willis Reed, are you KG? Speaking of Michael, he not only saved his talk for when he was actually playing, he took on Mourning, Ewing and Charles Oakley. He decked centers in practice. It was all comers. You? You try and mock Jose Calderon. And then Luke Ridnour. And Jerryd Bayless. And Marco Belinelli. All smaller guards. Wow. Such a big man you are.

Or maybe it was all of those first-round flushes in Minnesota. Didn’t exactly carry your team to great heights did you? And yet you still can yell ‘choke’ at someone? You may have forgotten, but we haven’t.

Hey, good for you. You were on a team with 3 Hall of Famers and won a championship. Bark, bark, bark. Superbad. We get it already. And we know who you are. So sit down, shut up and show some respect for the opponent. You know, the young team in red that has been mostly beating your team up and down the court, when they have no business doing it.

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  • zoner

    So it’s ok to taunt if you’ve always been a jerk?

  • bulls suck

    Whats the over/under on how many crosses brad miller has lite on fire in the front of someones yard…im guessing 75

  • zoner

    that’s hilarious! But please– no f-bombs.

  • bosoxtics

    everyone is really on bostons balls? are you kidding me. do you even watch espn or read any sports besides this garbage that people write. everyone is on L. james this L. james that. hell, chicago’s Rose gets more air play then rondo. and rose hasn’t done half what rondo does game in and game out. you think rose could handle the pressure of playing with 3 HOFs. think about that. your second year and your EXPECTED to lead the team to the championship.

    chicago bulls get the calls at home too. its that way for every team in the playoffs.its called home court advantage. lets talk about 2 of the fouls on Ray allen he fouled out on really suspect calls, at home. has chicago had to deal with that kind of adversity?

    CHICAGO YOU CHOKED BAD. UP 11 AND LOOSE. miller is not the only choker its the WHOLE team. do you guys pray for jordans return? just wondering

  • celts fannn

    I will come out and say im a huge celtics fan. im only 14 but have been going to games since preschool. No one should put down kg. Even before he game to the Celtics i respected him and he is one of the hardest working and most intense players in the game. The bulls have put up a great fight and who ever wins the series deserves it. NOAH IS A ________ and i cant stand him. He cries to the refs thinking he is kobe and he has a right! Besides miller and noah i like the bulls player. Also, i dont expect the Celtics to go anywhere this year and they are the Champions but this certainly isnt the same team without garnett powe and slo has anyone noticed pierce limping from his knee.

  • Boston Girl

    Oh come on! It should have been a flagrant on Miller when he punched Big Baby on Sunday, but the ref didn’t call it. Miller got what he had coming. I loved it when he missed the free throw, then even messed up missing a free throw on purpose!! The big bully looked like he was going to cry.
    Plus, they didn’t call it when he was clearly out of bounds. IMO, the refs were favoring the Bulls. It didn’t matter, b/c the Celtics beat even w/o the bigs.
    As for KG, he rocks. I love him. It must be very for him to have to sit there and watch and not be able to help his team.
    The Bulls are a bunch of thugs. Bring some clippers to the next game and do something with that mop on Noah’s head!

  • Boston Girl

    KG DOES have class!

  • KG

    The talk of a true loser right there. You already won? You play to win the games, not moral victories for having a lot of overtime games against a beat up and battered Championship team.

    Have fun with your moral victory, enjoy your offseason.

    Championships are all that matter, chump.

  • brocket77

    Half the people on this post are high (especially Lynch). Garnett is garbage. Pierce still thinks he is playig street ball with his shoe polish ghetto shave. Contain Ray Allen? All I would need are a pair of toy cuffs and tell him that these are the playoffs, those thoughts alone will render him useless. Need I remind any of you that these three, or as trash has become known as, “The Big Three” were trash before they were all on the same team. All 3 could do nothing with their franchises. Now we see what a little winning does for perrenial losers, it brings out the true ghetto trash in them. It leads Garnett to make rediculous and stupid faces while mouthing continuous profanities on national TV and Pierce into the dillusional world where he thinks he is the best player in the NBA? The only truth that he needs to know and share with the other dillusional players is that they are not as good as they think they are. If Garnett was playing this would be a sweep?? Drunk!! This dynasty will be nothing more than a temporary takeover of an empty castle. They went out and bought a trophy, something as much as I hate, still cannot be taken away. But please dont tarnish the Celtic legend and pride of years past, those of Bird and Parrish with the trash that currently plays on THEIR floor. This team is nothing but a flash in the pan. LeBron has pushed the envelope every year with nobodies. Pierce couldnt win with the likes of Walker, Gomes, Jefferson, and West. Kobe and LeBron make their teams better. I am secretly wishing the Celtics win so that LeBron can put the truth to bed.

  • zoner

    Well KG you had a lot of those moral victories throughout your career until you came to a team with 2 future hall of famers. Boom, roasted.

  • BonK

    WOW. I can’t believe you are calling a class act like KG classless when Brad Miller’s name is being brought up. Brad Miller is the epitome of classless. You are obviously a sore loser. Maybe if your hero Ben Gordon didn’t take tons of horrid shots and shoot sub-35%, or if your much heralded rookie up the year could match the play of a 21st pick, or if your high lotto pick bigs could match the play of the Celtics unheralded bigs, etc, you wouldn’t be looking for excuses.

  • zoner

    I appreciate all the comments, both for and against my post. But please refrain from using profanity. They will be deleted.


  • celts fannn

    The bulls suck if they were all veterans they would have layed down and got swept but there a bunch of young guys who will allow the nba to make more money by not getting swept.

  • jeff

    ok, miller didnt choke. as the writer said, missing A FREE THROW isnt particularly choking. while, yes, a foul shot is supposed to be the easiest shot on the floor, aside from a layup maybe, its still a 15 foot shot that most people on an everyday basis couldnt step up and knock down. that said, i first disagreed w/ the writer, but then opened my mind to what he was saying. garnett is mos def a lip-flapper, and interstingly, it IS only to these undersized guards and small forwards. he doesnt get in shaq’s face, or someone like Timmy Duncan, or even Amare. i feel as though his sideline shenanigans spur from the fact that he CAN scream at ANYONE from the bench, where he doesnt have to back it up. that’s stuff that happens all the time, people talk alot of garbage knowing they dont have to step up and actually walk what they talk. no disrespect to brocket or celts fan, but borcket, ur an idiot. if u knew ANYTHING about basketball, ud know KG is not garbage u fool. theres a reason he was so highly coveted coming out Farragut Academy (which is a high school, in case you forgot) as an 18 yr old. now, celts fan. ur 14 man, im sorry, but you’re too young to even really fully grasp the realm of understanding in the convo. the writer isnt even putting down KG, he’s making an opinionated response to what happened last nite. noone can deny the wealth of talent KG has stockpiled over the years, so he can run his mouth a little, in that he IS a veteran. but he’s saying too much considering he’s sitting in street clothes nightly. another good point the writer makes is that KG has 2 OTHER guaranteed HOF’ers on his squad. funny how people get this “big man syndrome” once they’ve got others on their side surrounding them. meaning, its easy for someone like KG to talk all this sh*t because hey, i have ray ray and The Truth on MY side. he did talk, and get animated, in minnesota, but not nearly as much. i can attest to the fact that its MUCH EASIER when uve got that support. lastly, rondo’s foul on miller was flagrant 1, in the real world. but in a commercialized money grubbing world, the NBA chose to MAKE SURE the ratings in new england wouldnt fall to an all time low–by keeping the celtics in it. if one of the bulls committed that foul in Boston, its a flagrant 2, probably. same goes if last nites game was in Chi-town. but under the circumstances, chi @ bos, rondo should’ve been given a flagrant 1. so, all you celts lovers, contact david stern, and or last nites officiating crew—and thank them many many many times over. if not for them, your Celtics would be going back to the Chi down 3-2.

  • Shabba

    Just a random note.
    Gordon grabbin himself after a big shot? Unless he did that to the Boston bench I don’t see much of a problem with it.

    He hit a great shot to tie it up everyone does their celebrations. I think most people are really upset because he hit the shot.

    But KG is doing those things towards the opponent and also isn’t playing. Not to mention he’ll never say a word when things are going bad for the Celtics.

  • who da guy

    Alright, i am a celtics fan, and here is what i have to say. I don’t like how the officiating has been for the entire series. I love KG, and if he was on your team, you would too. Don’t even try and deny it.

    My main point is this though, that the entire series has been poorly officiated. Perkins got 0 fouls last game. ZERO. Now even i know he had to of picked up more then 0 fouls. But why did the refs decide to not call him, it was because of the ticky tak fouls that got him fouls out at the end of game 4.

    Basically the refs got the word to lay off the bs moving screen fouls on perk, when they weren’t calling it both sides. Perk is not moving anymore on the picks then brad miller is. This is the playoffs, you don’t call ticky tack fouls, and you especially don’t single someone out like they have this entire series.

    That is just one example of the bad officiating. Someone said that brad miller show restraint from not punching big baby. Well you don’t need a fist to punch someone folks, a jabbing shoulder can hurt just as much. No he did not use his fist, but he did throw his shoulder at him, and while i believe that right call was made(because this is the playoffs and historically it is just a different, much more physical game) does that mean he did not intentionally shove a part of his body into big baby’s face. Oh, opps, i accidentally shoved my shoulder into your face….my bad.

    Look, u can go back to any NBA game and see something that was not called that theoretically should have changed the outcome. Did not calling a flagrant end the game, no. Does it even matter when u take into account that a minute earlier Ben GOrdon stepped out of bounds, or the 2 phantom calls that kicked ray out of the game.

    Pierce in game two, gets hit clearly behind the arc, and still amazing hits the shot. No call. Ben gordon throws his body into tony allen, there is minimum contact, foul called. That was late in the game as well. I mean for every questionable call, there is another one to counteract it.

    So basically what i am saying is that it has been bad officiating through the entire series. Both sides feel wronged, but what we all have to look at is that it is very probable the reason why this has been a very exciting playoff series is because the games have so competetive. And i would expect the next two games to be just as thrilling and exciting. Hopefully my team wins, but if they don’t, then hats off to your young bulls, for they are playing far better then i ever thought they would.

  • DecentCommunity

    Ragging on KG for being intense??? For displaying that same intensity that’s made him an elite NBA player and won the C’s a championship last year?? That’s what you get with KG. His passion is unparalelled.

    But you have the “gall” to call him out for being animated during the most important moments of his team’s season?? You have the “gall” to question his injury???

    Your words on the Bulls moral victory is laughable, but gives us some insight on where you may be coming from (Loserville). But please — save your own “high horse” nonsense. If you knew anything about KG, your rubbish blog would never be written.

  • memememe

    decentcommunity is it??? whatever– ur kind of a buzzkill. u completely missed the point of the article. mayb the writer WAS extremely critical of KG, we can call that what it is. at no point and time did the article “rag” on him for his intensity. anyone who knows the game of basketball can agree thats one of his assets as a ball player that has gotten him 2 where hes at..blah blah, we all know that. the point being, that he seemingly only does his yelling at and intense screams toward NBA nobodies, for a lack of better words. the fact that he wont go there with the bigger names in the league, and that he’s partialy the way he is presently due to having ray allen and pierce. hell, anyone with two other future hall of famers can kind of feel bigger than they are because of who they’ve got around them. their supporting cast. again, not that theres anything wrong w/ that particular concept. but it just needs to be kept in perspective. i understand that u may disagree w/ what this man is saying, but ur gettin pretty serious about it. dont take it so personally. u actually say “If you knew anything about KG, your rubbish blog would never be written.” um, ok, where to start…do YOU know Kevin Garnett? i dont. i know things about him, but i dont know him. must be cool to be you, i guess, KNOWING KG and all. ..and, im slightly confused DECENTCOMMUNITY, if the blog is such rubbish…why did you take the time to read it?? moreso, why’d u waste ur life leaving a response? hmm…

  • Ken

    you do realize that the barking by KG only started after the antics and hollering of Joakim Noah, who for all purposes appears to be a d-bag that hustles… and that’s all… right?

  • Zoner

    What are you talking about? The guy’s been barking nonsense at other players for years.

  • JT

    KG is just bitter because 1. they/he wont be winning a ring 2. he has to sit on the bench esp during the play offs. KG has always been a hater even to that one announcer..i think it was valentine’s day. look it up he spent a good like 3 minutes telling the announcer to burn his suit (yeah it was pretty ugly but still).

  • boston fans are stupid

    Hey zoner, this was a really good read. I’m sorry so many of your readers are as unintelligent as they have portrayed themselves as here. I don’t know why people are even bringing up whether it was a flagrant or not. When I flipped around the networks today, it was pretty unanimous that it was a flagrant. You know it’s bad when ESPN, who absolutely adore the celtics and any other team from boston, are saying that it was a flagrant. Imagine if the roles were reversed and brad miller punched rondo in the face with 4 seconds left…

  • MalcomeX

    “Missing a free throw is not choking” hahahahaha

    Series aside for a second, do you genuinely believe what you just said? Missing a free though to tie a game with seconds remaining is the ultimate choke? Its up their with eminem’s choke in 8 mile!

    Be realistic! It would get you further in life. Dont make excuses cuz the only thing worse than a looser is one that makes excuses for his loss

  • Juan Pablo Dream

    “Missing a free though to tie a game with seconds remaining is the ultimate choke”

    A bit off topic, I would not say the it is the ultimate choke, sure it would be considered a choke but I would say that the ultimate choke would be missing a free throw to win the game and we all know that has happened in this series, call it an excuse but I expect more from a star player, the self proclaimed best in the NBA, to make a game winning free throw than from a role player like Brad Miller.

    On topic though, I’m ok with players talking trash, that is if they are actually playing, those who said that Bird and Jordan talks trash, you are right they do that but they back it up with their play, not from the bench. Don’t tell me it’s not his fault (KG) that he could not play, blame the injury? It is his body, unless his injury was inflicted by someone else, then I would accept that.

    Oh and for those that would say that KG’s trash talking is his way of motivating his team mates then why did he choose to watch from the locker room in game one instead of “motivating” his team mates. I’m sure the criticisms he received from that act affected his choice on staying on the Celtics bench from then on.

  • tanat-0s

    Compaining about KG getting in everybody’s faces I can understand, although I think trash-talking is a part of the game. But all that questioning of KG’s toughness and saying that MJ would have played with a bone spur is pure loser talk and sour grapes.
    1) It’s not only a bone spur that prevents KG from playing, he’s also has a strained tendon.
    2) Garnett is an iron man, in his 14 years of playing he averaged 75.4 games per season. That’s insane durability. He’s as tough as they come. If he could, he would have played. Period.

  • Juan Pablo Dream


    I’m with you, I am not questioning KG’s toughness, injuries though happen to a lot of players and it is the way they handle it that matters, I am particularly impressed at how Grant Hill handled his situation, no one can deny that his potential was sky-high until he had that nagging ankle injury. It is not a recent incident that KG has been trash talking, it is part of the game in some way, what I am really against is trash talking while your in the bench, because there is no way to back-up that talk, when he was playing I was ok with him trash talking, he could easily back it up, when he plays he is often great, but on the bench it’s another thing.

  • zoner


    The one thing I would change about the article is that line about him not playing. I know he would be out there if he could. No doubt about it.

  • Furious

    Zoner, at least you could admit that you were wrong about KG not playing because he isn’t tough, that really isn’t that fair. But are any of the commenters so far actually literate?
    I definately agree that KG could show some more class, and if he is going to taunt it would be nice to see him picking on another tough guy. (I would LOVE to see him start trash-talking Ron Artest!)
    But I don’t know if you can dismiss his, Ray’s and Pierce’s careers before they came together because they didn’t have much success. They were on some appallingly bad teams.
    Also, I know that the comment regarding this was some time ago, but the reason the Bulls didn’t double Pierce was that they couldn’t risk giving up an easy layup. That is the beauty of Pierce isolating at the top of the key; he can see any extra defenders coming easily and can pick them apart with a simple pass.

  • zman

    I think everyone here needs to stop complaining about borderline calls like the one the other night and worry about how great this series has been. If you look at the series as a whole everything has evened out. Honestly, by complaining like this, all you chicago fans out there are taking away from the enjoyment that has come from this FIRST ROUND matchup.

  • Brother Ali

    After reading all these comments, I have a newfound disrespect for Bulls fan. You guys either have no idea what you are talking about, or are making mountains out of molehills. Jo Noah, Ty Thomas, & Brad Miller are all emotional, hot-headed big men. So I would think you could appreciate KG’s intensity. But I guess since he wears the other teams jersey you don’t look at it subjectively. Ben Gordon grabbing his nuts is classy. Brad Miller cheapshotting anyone around anytime he can is classy. Why is this the hot topic on your board when your team has its biggest playoff game in several years tonight? Clearly you have conceeded defeat. You guys don’t make it a habit to think, do you?

  • zoner


    We’ve been talking about the games here all series long. It’s a hot topic because people are talking about it and have been talking about how he’s morphed into a jerk all year.

    And I do appreciate KG’s intensity. Acting like an idiot is another story.

    And since you challenged my ability to think, you might want to learn the difference between objectivity and subjectivity. You might also want to learn how to spell too.

  • Dano

    I totally agree on this post. The Celtics are a bunch of hoods. KG has zero class. I am NOT a bulls fan either. KG is so much talk and tough guy grimaces that I laugh at him. Now I want to see someone Anthony Peeler his face again. KG is tough when it a smaller guy but I guarantee you Gordon would kick the shit out him. No question. It would not even be close. I would love to see that. Tear one of those cute earings out of his ear too.

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  • brocket77

    Jeff, If I was 7 ft tall I would be highly coveted too. I have never been impressed with the likes of Shaq, Yao, KG…if you are that tall you should be expected to be good. I was more impressed with Avery Johnson, Jaso Kidd, Steve Nash…true athletes that play a big mans game and play it with absolute class. I am not a celtics fan OR bulls fan, but the players and theiur constant ghetto interpretation of this great game are whats contributing to my pull away from the game. I am sick and damn tired of the mouthed profanities, the puffed out bad ass lips (which make him look absolutely rediculous by the way), and the stare downs. What ever happened to making a great play and running back to play defense/offense? I get that passion hits sometimes, but is shouldnt demoralize the game constantly. I miss the days of David Robinson. He was and will always be the classiest big man. Maybe thats because he was taught respect and dignity in the Marines. Now we take ghetto superstars like KG, JR Smith, and Pierce and expect them to play like adults. You can take the player out of the ghetto and pay them millions of dollars for playing a GAME, but you cannot take the ghetto trash out of the player. I was not saying that KG’s game was trash, I was saying the person was trash. Motumbo would shake his finger at you, PLAYFULLY, but I dont recall him talking shit to Mugsy Bogues. But once again, thats the difference in the game now, disrespect for your opponent. Even Sir Charles had respect for the Bad Boys in Detroit, even though everyone hated them. But they played the game hard, WITH PASSSION, and left it at that. There will always be cheap shots and new ways to get under your opponents skin, but lets keep in mind that this is at the end of the day just a game. A game that used to be played by people who respected it and the fans. Now it is comprised of a bunch of gangsters chasing the green and playing ghetto street ball. And I am sorry, but none of these guys deserve to be in the hall of fame. They have won one championship, thats it. They did not change the game, they did not revive their respected franchises the way LeBron has with the Cavs or Paul with the Hornets. They were all above average perrenial non winners who came together for one year to win a championship. Where is the amazing in that?? The Hall is for people like Jordan, Kobe, Duncan, Bird, Magic…apparently now its open enrollment. The presence of any of those guys would absolutely diminish the quality of the Hall of Fame. Period.

  • Brother Ali

    Well that last comment was absolutely racist and untrue. You are a bunch of clowns on this site. Thank God I’m not a Bulls fan, so I don’t have to subject myself to such clown-talk on a daily basis.

  • Jim

    I think it is pretty funny how you guys get on KG. Ben Gordon grabing his balls and putting up that stupid 3 sigh…I would be barking also…

  • Dano

    No one is defending Gordon. At least I am not. I AM attacking KG. KG has a long history of being a bitch-ass-punk. He is the cheap shot king. He only mixes it up with smaller guys. And there is no denying that. And one smaller guy called his bluff and punched him in the mouth. I have zero respect for guys that yell from the bench and make tough guy faces. KG would NEVER pull his tough guy act with Lebron or another guy even close to his size. I would love to see Gordon throw down with him. He would DESTROY Garnett.

  • zoner

    I didn’t like Gordon’s move at all, but I also think there is a difference between celebrating and berating. Also, Girdon did his gesture to no one in particular. KG chose to taunt several different Bulls.

  • t-money

    brocket77 may be the biggest tool i have ever encountered next to this zoner guy…. i mean how do u have the balls to call it the glory days of david robinson when most of the trash talkers today played during david robinson’s era.. and he was in the navy not the marines get ur facts straight (hence the nickname the admiral) and there has ALWAYS been trash talkers in the nba i am a celtics fan and i know that larry bird was probably one of the biggest trash talkers of all time but if u can back it up then u cant gonna knock a guy for trash talkin..and how could u possibly say kg hasnt changed the game? he was the first guy in the modern era to come straight out of high school and get drafted in the first round which paved the road for guys like kobe,t-mac, and countless other guys that came straight out of highschool to become nba stars… u may have the most unintelligent post i have ever seen right up there with zoner who i dont even have to explain everything wrong with this blog because the other 80 posts have explained it for me

  • BonK

    @ Dano & the other uneducated big-mouths who are insisting that KG only gets into it with little or subpar guys….


    He has gotten into it with:
    Chris Bosh
    Tim Duncan
    Brad Miller
    Antonio McDyess

    …and those are just the ones coming to me off the top of my head. He is passionate, and was his team’s leading man & face of the franchise for a decade, so of course he has gotten into it with a number of guys.

    Yall need to focus on the game you are about to lose tonight instead of crying about KG. Seems so corny when you have a huge game 6 coming up. Especially when your facts are wrong and exaggerated.

  • Dano

    Bonk has clearly been bonked in the head. KG did not mix it up with those guys. He did not touch them. He jawed that is all. He ran like a puss when McDyss was going to whip his ass. My facts are not wrong. You are not willing to face the facts. KG is a bitch. He only gets really ugly with people he is sure he can beat physically. Look at the videos. He has not done shit with any guy close to his size. That is what makes Peeler’s bust in his face all the better.

  • zoner

    Using the word corny -1

    And so what if he did get into it with those bigger dudes? Does that really take away from the fact that he likes to pick on small guards?

  • Joe B.

    zoner -

    You seem to be very levelheaded in the comments, so what gives with the overreactive hater piece to begin with? Any team that has Ben Gordon grabbing his dick and making hand gestures after every shot forfeits the right to bitch about an opponent being ‘classless’. I understand, it hurts when your team gags away an 11-point fourth quarter lead that would’ve ended the series. But stop. The shit I’ve read from Bulls fans the last few days is borderline hysterical. The refs are out to get you in a road game where you shot EIGHT MORE FREE THROWS than the home team. KG’s classless for getting in Gordon’s face after all the clown shit Gordon’s done in this series blows up in his face. There’s nothing wrong with disliking the other team, but posts like these are nothing more than ways to distract yourselves from the shortcomings of your team. I hated when Gordon showed his ass so much in Game 4, but it wasn’t the first thing I complained about after the game. I was mad that the Celtics lost.

    Calling a winning team ‘classless’ is the refrain of the perpetual loser. Get mad, hate the Celtics all you want, but don’t make it sound like they’re the ones who fucked up when they win.

  • brocket77

    Ali, nothing racist about the post, simply pointing out attitudes. T-money, you speak as if you just came out of high school yourself. Due to that fact, I have nothing to say to someone as obviously ignorant and useless as you. I would use some other terminology, but I respect this mans post and I fear you may not know how to read or where to find a dictionary which you desperately need.

  • zoner


    Gordon didn’t do it after every shot and I already condemned that action. And even if I hadn’t yours is a strawman argument.

    KG has perpetuated this type of behavior. If he was playing any other team and did the same stuff I’d still write about it, just on my other site.

    Is it really a ‘hater’ piece to call out someone’s bad actions?

  • Joe B.

    When you say stuff like he’s a pussy for not playing and he’s a fake tough guy (unlike Gordon, who’s from the mean streets of Mount Vernon, LOL) and saying the Celtics have ‘already lost’, it’s a hater piece. You’re looking at this the wrong way. If KG were on the floor, this series would’ve been over by now. KG knows this. The Bulls know this. Yet KG still has to watch Gordon show his ass every night. Then he watches Gordon’s team gag away an 11-point fourth quarter lead. If you’d be able to handle all of that without getting a little bit boisterous, you’re a better person than me. But I understand where KG is coming from. And once again, this is a gigantic distraction. You guys have to save your season tonight, and yet Bulls fans are still crying about KG yelling at our sad little Bulls!

    Both teams have played a great series, and both teams have committed some minor transgressions. Let’s enjoy Game 6 and stop being so dramatic about the peripheral stuff, because there’s great basketball being played.

  • t-money

    what causes me to be ignorant brocket? because u dont know wut the word ignorant means and that i was actually right..please describe in detail wut was wrong with my post? nothing..and yes u just got schooled by a kid one year removed from high school

  • brocket77

    Cudnt agree wit u more Joe. Der is still ball left 2 b played and lets hope its as dope as the last games been. Surry I gots to dumb it down, but we have ignant people trying to participate. Hey pocket change, go back to school and get the piece of paper that says D I P L O M A. Or did your inkjet run dry and you cudnt print urs out? Zoner, good post and lets have a good game tonight, Bulls in 7, sorry Joe

  • Juan Pablo Dream

    @Joe B.

    I don’t think that KG yelling at Bulls players is that big of a deal, it does not affect the game (at least not in my observation). Although the thing that gets to me, and I guess to some other fans, is that he talks trash in the bench, how can you back up your talk from there? I get what your saying that if he was playing the series would be over, and I would not mind at all how much trash he talks as long as he is playing and backing up his trash talk.

    I agree with you that this is a great series and I hope it goes the full distance of 7 games.

  • CityOfChamps

    Hey ChiTown – Don’t hate, appreciate!! City of Champs – Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and now the Bruins this year…