KG: Got the Ring, Still No Class

Shortly after Derrick Rose was mugged by Kendrick Perkins after Rose beat him to a missed shot for an offensive rebound, there was Rajon Rondo swooping into to try and decapitate Brad Miller.

Rondo’s slashing hand came nowhere near the ball. It slammed into Miller’s neck and face. It was clearly a flagrant foul, but that was not the call. Miller ended up bloody, and surely dazed. He had to try and get it together quickly to attempt 2 free throws to tie the game. He missed the first, and there was Kevin Garnett clearly seen yelling at Miller that he was a choker.

Garnett is either dim-witted, particularly mean-spirited or both.

First, it’s hardly choking if you miss a free-throw after being the recipient of a flagrant foul like Miller was. Second — and someone might want to remind KG about this — you are the World Champions playing a team that was .500 on the year. They have already beaten you on your own floor. The series was tied at 2. And yet you have the gall to get on your high-horse and yell choke? You’re excited about that? You and your team should be humbled by your performance, not puffing out your chest and yelling things at the Bulls. You’d think a vet like KG would consider that the Bulls should be nowhere near sniffing a series win. But you get your hoot and holler on, KG.

I’ve got news for him and the rest of Boston: the Bulls have already won and you have already lost, regardless of who enters the 2nd round of the playoffs. That much is clear. But there is Garnett — not even playing — hollering ridiculous taunts from the bench and making those non-intimidating (save for Glen Davis) contorted faces. Look crazy Bro. They’ll think you’re so tough. The truth is, Aaron Gray currently has more license to do those things than you do. All it really does is make you look like an idiot.

Maybe it’s also a feeling of inferiority on Garnett’s part. After all, I’d go ahead and guess that Michael Jordan would be playing with a bone spur. Not exactly Willis Reed, are you KG? Speaking of Michael, he not only saved his talk for when he was actually playing, he took on Mourning, Ewing and Charles Oakley. He decked centers in practice. It was all comers. You? You try and mock Jose Calderon. And then Luke Ridnour. And Jerryd Bayless. And Marco Belinelli. All smaller guards. Wow. Such a big man you are.

Or maybe it was all of those first-round flushes in Minnesota. Didn’t exactly carry your team to great heights did you? And yet you still can yell ‘choke’ at someone? You may have forgotten, but we haven’t.

Hey, good for you. You were on a team with 3 Hall of Famers and won a championship. Bark, bark, bark. Superbad. We get it already. And we know who you are. So sit down, shut up and show some respect for the opponent. You know, the young team in red that has been mostly beating your team up and down the court, when they have no business doing it.

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  • charlie

    sounds like an author drinking that haterade

  • zoner

    Just the facts, Ma’am.

  • Matt Clapp

    -Great- post

  • docksquad


  • I dont take sides

    Listen you’re right that Garnett shouldn’t have been yelling choke, but the fact is he did choke. Its not like Miller was given a concussion, he had a fat lip. I guarantee you he would never say that the foul had anything to do with missing that first free throw. He was put in a pressure situation, right after the commentators say “Miller is a good foul shooter” and he choked. That’s all there is to it.

  • Zoner

    Thanks for reading. I would just say that after a long game (another OT) Miller probably had rubber legs anyway. Add to that the hard foul and you can see why he would miss the free throw in that situation.

    Missing a free throw is not choking.

  • I dont take sides

    Also to be honest with you your arguments about the bulls having no business being in this series is false. The championship celtic team is not even close to the team they have now. Powe and Garnett aren’t playing and Posey who was great in the playoffs isn’t even on the team. It’s not like Mikki Moore or Stephon Marbury are producing enough to fill those shoes.

  • I dont take sides

    You are right missing a free throw is not choking, but missing a free throw in a situation like that will always be associated with choking.

  • zoner

    Ok, but they still have 2 Hall of Famers, an amazing young point guard and a tough center. And they are the reigning champs with home court advantage.

    BTW, why is Marbury playing in the 4th quarter??

  • Neil McCauley

    7′ 290 lb guy complaining about getting hit by a 175 lb. point guard…..

    Kind of sad…almost as sad as that missed free throw.

    To quote Ricky Bobby’s father…”IF YOU’RE NOT FIRST, YOU’RE LAST.”

  • Neil McCauley

    Where’s the heart??? Why didn’t someone from Chi try to whoop Rondo after that hit???

    Weakness up and down that squad. You gotta defend your big men…even if the guy that split your lip is half your size…

  • zoner

    If you recall that was at the end of the game. And it really doesn’t matter how big you are if someone runs up and slams their hand on your face.

    The Celtics are just lucky that was not called a flagrant, which it totally was.

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  • Dan

    Miller is lucky big baby didn’t kick his ass when he punched him in face in game 4

    Who is the dirty player


    Anybody Know the Heimlich Maneuver

  • fukboston

    KG is a little girl trapped inside a tall skinny man.
    He is never gonna grow up until he comes to grips with that fact.

  • Jim

    Big Baby earned his nickname. Check the replay.

  • zoner

    Agreed Jim. Miller actually restrained himself from punching Davis.

  • John

    I have no problem with the foul. When you look atthe replay Rondo was trying to swat at the ball, but as Miller lifted up the hand hit the face. Unfortunate yes, but playoff game and thing s get physical. Miller still airmailed the ball from 2 feet away from the basket. Garnett is intense is is gonna yell. The big issue should be Miller not knowing that he has to hit the rim on his second free throw attempt.

  • Chris

    Hater. Get a grip and mind your business. Clearly it wasn’t the Celtics best side when they were showing their excitement over winning a really hard fought game. If Miller is so classy he should have played that way before the foul. And it wasn’t a flagrant, that wasn’t even discussed on the broadcast.

  • Chris

    Zoner, sorry, passionate response right there. I just don’t think you’re in a position to disparage KG.

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  • Lynch

    let’s talk about flagrants . . Brad Miller shoves Perkins in the back every time down the court in order to get a board, never gets the call. The Bulls are lucky that KG is only on the bench because if he was healthy this would be a 4-0 stomping. I’ll also add that maybe someone should teach your coach, Vinnie Del “Luke Wilson” Negro that he should learn how to use timeouts prior to the playoffs. Joakim Noah parks himself in the lane and never gets called for three seconds, Ray Allen had two phantom calls in the fourth quarter so that the Bulls would be able to stay in it down the stretch, because they’ve yet to find an answer to Ray Allen. Rajon Rondo is putting up far superior numbers to Derrick Rose who let Pierce drain three jumpers on the same elbow right over his head

  • zoner

    Vinnie Del “Luke Wilson” Negro +1

    Well don’t blame Rose for that. How they don’t double-team Pierce is beyond me. The guys a cold-blooded killer. That would be on Vinnie Del Luke Wilson Negro.

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  • bigpartymaker

    You’re pissed about a guy talking shit (in the NBA of all places) and complain about lack of class when your star player grabs his nuts after hitting 3s?

  • Lynch

    i love the effort the Bulls are given, but i’m always weary of a team who doesn’t do that all season long then turns it on when they are playing a team better than them, sort of how Atlanta played last year

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  • zoner

    Fair enough big party.

  • Jacob Rosen

    Great article, really appreciated this even though I am a loyal Cavs fan. I hate KG and his smirks off the bench more than anything. Can’t wait till the Celtics get demolished in the near future by either Orlando or Cleveland.

  • bigpartymaker

    Great blog name by the way. I’ll check out some of your other stuff. I mentioned on another Bulls blog (who linked you) how Rose and Gordon piss me off because they take some real ugly shots…but they fall. Those guys are nasty, and fun to watch. Rondo vs. Rose is a rivalry I hope to see for years to come.

  • Morris Blue

    hey, just wanted to point out a little error that you may have overlooked. When you said “The Bulls have already won and [The Celtics] have already lost,” the series actually isn’t over. It’s 3-2 Boston right now in a best of four series. So whoever wins 4 games wins the series. So whoever actually wins, wins. In games where there actually are winners and losers (basketball is one of those games), there are no moral victories, just actual victories.

  • ocho

    Mr. Author. Do you not know Brad Miller is a jackass on the court, to KG’s degree? Do you not remember his incident back in the Kings against KG? Did you not see the snicker on his face after his moving pick somehow drew Ray Allen’s 6th foul? Do you not see the extreme aggression he turned on after that play? He wanted to start shit with the celtics, for whatever reason. KG and Brad Miller used to be 2 of my favorites, but they have both crossed the border at times in terms of talking. KG backed it up with his intensity and passion for the game. Seeing how Brad Miller played in the Kings in the past two years, he is straight up trash talker.

  • turay

    you know you wrote a terrible post when your in the comments trying to defend yourself.

  • zoner

    I think that’s called interaction. And Mo if you somehow think the Celts are winners in this series even if they move on to round 2, so be it.

  • guyinthecorner

    I’m not sure that a single missed free throw is a call for somebody to be called a choker but it might be considered an instance of choking.

    Also, that was not a flagrant foul. He went for the ball, missed and tried to prevent the basket. He wasn’t aiming for the head, he didn’t wind up, there was no closed fist, it wasn’t even hard enough to throw Brad Miller off his axis in the air. It looked worse because of the blood obviously, but the foul itself was just a foul.

    This is the NBA Playoffs. Stop whining.

  • DrScott

    Hey Zoner,

    Don’t know you, don’t care….you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Your Bulls haven’t done crap for over a decade, and your team employed some of the more classless players in the NBA at the time. But because they aren’t wearing red, you have a problem. The last person who’s toughness should be questioned is KG….every person in/covering basketball knows how intensly he plays and if the man is out, it must be a serious issue. Don’t hate, you got whooped, Gordon got away with stepping out of bounds on that 3 point play…you have no gripe. NOW GO SIT IN YOUR TOWER!

  • tukka

    I’d love to hear you explain how if the Celtics move on to the next round (beating the Bulls) that they’ve actually lost. Probably the most idiotic statement I’ve read today. Kudos

  • Isaac

    kg is a tool…good post

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  • Pat

    Sounds like SOMEBODY has a case of the Mondays!

    /Office Space’d.

    Seriously.. no need to be so jealous. Consider your Bulls lucky that this was all KG was doing. Imagine the carnage that would have ensued if he were on the court. Bring out the brooms!

  • Neil McCauley

    The team that wins FOUR games of a best of SEVEN wins the series. That is the actual winner of the series. It’s a very basic concept. It’s not the team that tried harder or ‘gave it their all’.

    Are you seriously talking about moral victories??? Words of a loser.

  • Bing

    “the Bulls have already won and you have already lost, regardless of who enters the 2nd round of the playoffs”

    Is that how you really feel? Will you STFU if the Bulls win the series? (They won’t win the series so I am sure you won’t silence yourself…) Perhaps you should pply some ointment to that case of diapers rash you have and go down to your local toyota dealler and get yourself a NEW MATRIX! (or whatever in gods name you are schilling at the top of this po’dunk site…)

  • Dave

    Nobody likes a crybaby, zoner.

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  • zoner

    Why would I shut up if the Bulls win? It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with calling out KG. I never thought the Bulls would win the series and I still don’t.

  • kellex

    Hey douche Celtics fans, the point of the article isn’t about Miller missing free throws, it’s about the giant f-head, Kevin Garnett, showing ZERO class as a reigning NBA Champion.

    I completely agree with the author…the Celtics are the losers here no matter the outcome.

  • bostonsucks

    Great post by the way,

    Obviously everyone here is on the boston bandwagon, just like espn and every other sports writer in america. K.G. has no class, he’s shown it throughout his career, and same with pierce, the so called “greatest player in the NBA,” as far as that foul, that was CLEARLY a flagarant foul, going for the ball, give me a break. The only reason K.G. won a championship was because they put 3 all stars on one team at the end of their careers. And the hell up about a series win in 4 games, EVERYONE knows that you morons, but zoner is talking about it literally, so get over it. And we are not crying about it, did any of you see the 1st half and how many missed calls the refs had for fouls on rose and salmons, its almost as if the NBA wants the boston celtics to move onto the next round

  • Clay

    I hate to break it you Chicago, you lost to the Celtics, without Ray Allen, without any considerable post depth, and without the defensive anchor of their defense. So no, Chicago has not won. They blew an 11 point lead to a team with 7 players that they used in the regular season. Blame refs if you want, but championship teams don’t blow double digit leads. Noah would be absolutely destroyed by KG if he was playing. Tell me that KG wouldn’t grab boards that Perkins and Davis miss. Then I’ll laugh my ass off at you. Bottom line: Chicago is younger, has more depth, and was up by 11, then LOST to a team that’s missing its emotional leader, several key reserves, and had its best 3 point shooter out of the game. Good job Bulls.

  • nihil

    Its the playoffs. No easy layups. How about calling Miller out on not being able to power to the basket while a point guard tries to take a swat at him. Man up and hit the shot +1.

    Or maybe just hit your free throws?

    Miller is an agitator on court in the this series. He drew the 6th foul on Allen like an agitator should. Don’t cry when “playoff basketball” swings against you.

    As for KG, yeah he’s over the top, but he’s always been over the top emotionally. The guy wants to be out there in the worst way. Emotions bubble up and if you can’t even work it out in the game, its going to come out another way.