KG: Got the Ring, Still No Class

Shortly after Derrick Rose was mugged by Kendrick Perkins after Rose beat him to a missed shot for an offensive rebound, there was Rajon Rondo swooping into to try and decapitate Brad Miller.

Rondo’s slashing hand came nowhere near the ball. It slammed into Miller’s neck and face. It was clearly a flagrant foul, but that was not the call. Miller ended up bloody, and surely dazed. He had to try and get it together quickly to attempt 2 free throws to tie the game. He missed the first, and there was Kevin Garnett clearly seen yelling at Miller that he was a choker.

Garnett is either dim-witted, particularly mean-spirited or both.

First, it’s hardly choking if you miss a free-throw after being the recipient of a flagrant foul like Miller was. Second — and someone might want to remind KG about this — you are the World Champions playing a team that was .500 on the year. They have already beaten you on your own floor. The series was tied at 2. And yet you have the gall to get on your high-horse and yell choke? You’re excited about that? You and your team should be humbled by your performance, not puffing out your chest and yelling things at the Bulls. You’d think a vet like KG would consider that the Bulls should be nowhere near sniffing a series win. But you get your hoot and holler on, KG.

I’ve got news for him and the rest of Boston: the Bulls have already won and you have already lost, regardless of who enters the 2nd round of the playoffs. That much is clear. But there is Garnett — not even playing — hollering ridiculous taunts from the bench and making those non-intimidating (save for Glen Davis) contorted faces. Look crazy Bro. They’ll think you’re so tough. The truth is, Aaron Gray currently has more license to do those things than you do. All it really does is make you look like an idiot.

Maybe it’s also a feeling of inferiority on Garnett’s part. After all, I’d go ahead and guess that Michael Jordan would be playing with a bone spur. Not exactly Willis Reed, are you KG? Speaking of Michael, he not only saved his talk for when he was actually playing, he took on Mourning, Ewing and Charles Oakley. He decked centers in practice. It was all comers. You? You try and mock Jose Calderon. And then Luke Ridnour. And Jerryd Bayless. And Marco Belinelli. All smaller guards. Wow. Such a big man you are.

Or maybe it was all of those first-round flushes in Minnesota. Didn’t exactly carry your team to great heights did you? And yet you still can yell ‘choke’ at someone? You may have forgotten, but we haven’t.

Hey, good for you. You were on a team with 3 Hall of Famers and won a championship. Bark, bark, bark. Superbad. We get it already. And we know who you are. So sit down, shut up and show some respect for the opponent. You know, the young team in red that has been mostly beating your team up and down the court, when they have no business doing it.

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  • cry me a river

    wah wah wah that’s all i hear. what about the other game when two of the refs were seen leaving with their family members all clad in bulls gear. what about all the non-calls the refs [didnt] call in game 4 to allow you guys to tie it up. that stupid ticky tack foul on paul pierce to boot. act like the bulls are the epitome of class. *gag*

  • celts fannn

    it was also a joke ray allen fouled out and kg killed za za pachulia

  • Juan Pablo Dream


    Are you saying that because it was a playoff game and an important one that calls should be that different? I mean I get it if you are talking about touch fouls and such, but that foul was not a touch foul. It should have been flagrant 1 since he did not make a play for the ball, contact was made above the shoulder, but there was no real intention to hurt, if there was then it’s flagrant 2, and Miller managed to land on 2 feet because of his frame, if that act was done to a guard that guard most likely will not land on their 2 feet.

    By the way I think it was last year that Pierce claimed he was the best player in the world. It was an interview by a spanish paper or something I’m not that sure. He could have been kidding, but I’m not sure about that either.

  • Larry

    No i’m saying that in the regular season rondo doesnt make that foul because it isn’t win or go home, he wouldnt have even gone up for it, but in the playoffs its a different ball game, you see a guy with an open lane you try your hardest to stop him, he went up for the ball and was half a step late and you can’t exactly stop yourself in mid air. In a physical game where there are no easy baskets at anytime you see fouls like that all game long, if that play opened the game you wouldn’t hear fans yelling for it to be a flagrant that would have just been a good hard foul to get your team up for the game, just because the game was on the line and miller couldn’t get it done at the stripe it was made a cop out for a team that couldn’t hold a double digit lead to the thinnest team in the playoffs. And despite what you all might think paul pierce never proclaimed to be the best in the world.

  • Juan Pablo Dream


    Series was tied 2-2, it was not a win or go home game, and look at the video again he did not have a chance to get to that ball. A free throw seems really easy to sink right? So why do a lot of guys miss it? Pressure must be one of the reason right? I mean Pierce missed one at first game that could have won it for them. Now how about a player who faces the same pressure, a bigger one in fact since it could turn the series to their favor, then add the fact that he was recently hit in the face with limited time to recover, seems a little more hard to hit those free throws.

    I would give Rondo the benefit of the doubt there that he meant no harm. Although the throw down he did to Kirk awhile ago was really uncalled for.

    I won’t contest the Pierce proclaiming thing since I’m not that sure of the source, unless someone can back me up on it, I would take your word for it.

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  • zonerr

    What an awfully written piece of crap this was. Aaron Gray has earned respect? The Bulls have a moral victory in this series? Garnett feeling inferior?

  • The GZA

    I cant wait until the bulls get clobbered tonight so you idiot bulls fans can stop posting absolutely ridiculous comments.

  • zoner

    The post has nothing to do with the series. And I’d say the Celts fans have lent plenty of ridiculous comments as well.

  • Daiymojack

    If you were on the sidelines in that situation you would have done the same exact thing. It’s good to see that in a league of self centered and selfish individuals that there is someone who actually seems to truly have a passion for the game. KG is probably killing himself over not being able to play in this series, because obviously you would have no chance of beating the Celtics if he did play. Rondo had no intention of hurting Miller, or playing dirty. He was just trying to have a hard foul that would prevent Miller from an easy bucket, the same thing any player on the Bullls would have done. The fact that you are complaining over this is sad seeing as how Miller is a beast compared to Rondo. That being said, Brad Miller is a bigger punk than KG ever was or will be. The way he laughed when Ray Allen fouled out, and continued laughing at the fans and officials the rest of the game was terribly unsportsmanlike itself. Instead of being a real man and stepping up in the clutch to hit those FTs he instead did choke, and instead of taking responsibility for his mistake he tried to pretend the pain in his mouth was somehow effecting his ability to shoot free throws. Maybe Ben Gordon shouldn’t be grabing at his crotch after his big shots either. Have fun trying to win a championship with an incredibly poor man’s Kobe Bryant, who’s smaller and incredibly less inefficient.

  • zoner

    wow–a box of tissue for this guy please…

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  • celticsbacktoback champs


    your an idiot. you wanna talk about class? everytime the celtics take a shot on the bulls side of the court they gotta yell shit and yet eddie house still knocks down the 3.

    Better luck next year, champs are movin on baby

  • Tim

    Hey Zoner and all you other Chi-Towners:

    How’s Boston’s Ass Taste?

    HAHA Get em a Body Bag Yeah!!!!!

  • boston777

    Celts win, Bulls lose…too bad

  • BostonSully

    Bulls: No Ring This Decade, Still No Class. Surely there will be a post coming about the classless Bulls yelling at anyone trying to shoot on their side, right?

  • Boston

    Yeah if KG is dirty, Noah is your favorite WWII dictator. I love how he can tackle, throw, drop, closeline, w/e you like Rondo and not get a T or a flagrant foul (Rondo was in middair). Then minutes later Noah is “hit hard” and turns into the biggest baby ever.

    Have fun with Noah.

  • Boston

    So what your saying is that you even didn’t believe in your little bulls team… way to be a true fan.

  • Dr

    THANK! YOU!!!! I AGREE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT NO RESPECT FOR THE CELTICs like i once did, such dirty unfair playing, people are saying that miller should have sucked it up BUT HOW BOUT YOU GET YOUR TOOTH KNOCKED OUT & TRY SHOOTING A FREE THROW! people are so blind

  • Dr

    & the bulls responded to they way the celtics played, we got our revenge when jokim and miller gave hard fouls game 7 and when we were yelling crap to house as he shoot! they needed a taste of their own medicine it wasnt as bad as the celtics since game one had their true colors showing!!!

  • Boston

    Guess who one ppl, it was a good series to watch and both sides were giving it to one another so suck it up… you saw just as much trash talk from noah and gordon.

  • Celtics are better

    Stop being so bitter. The Celtics are better. There’s no question about it. The only reason it was the close is because Ray Allen didn’t show up in the first game. And when he showed up like we needed him to (51 pts), no one else did. The bottom line is, we havent had KG for half the year and we are still the number 2 seed and we still beat you and are onto the second round. I understand your upset we are better and we won, just “grow up” and take the loss like a man. And brad miller is a clown. He absolutely choked missing that free throw. Dont say he had rubber legs because he didn’t play nearly as much minutes as any starter on the Celtics.

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