Captain Kirk: Beam Us Up To Victory

act_kirk_hinrichThere may be 3 games left in this Bulls/Celts series. But if the Bulls do not win Game 5 tonight, we can start talking about what a great experience it was for these young Bulls. Because I don’t see the Bulls beating the Celtics in a game 7 at the Garden.

If the Bulls do win tonight, I think the Celts pack it in and the Bulls move on to the 2nd round. And how crazy would it be if it was the Bulls-Sixers in round 2? It’s possible.

If Ben Gordon does not play tonight we could see some interesting matchups on the floor. Call me a heretic, but the Bulls might be better off if he sits. Who knows how effective he can score the ball with a bad hamstring? And it can’t help his already bad defense.

So here’s to you Kirk Hinrich. The whole series may be determined on how well you play tonight, on both ends of the court. I cannot wait for this game.

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  • docksquad

    LETS GO KIRK! Kirk played well last game, I got to give him props. He did a good job on PP. We are going to need everything him and Salmons and Rose got tonight. Let’s go bulls!!!

  • zoner

    I’m already nervous

  • Matt Clapp

    I’m incredibly nervous and don’t feel good about it at all. I could see tonight being a blowout. I so hope I’m wrong.

  • Matt Clapp

    Gordon is starting, this was announced by VDN minutes after John Hollinger said on ESPN that he’s now “doubtful”. Still, don’t know what to expect, but I’d rather he give it a go. It’s pretty much a must win and if he’s ineffective, oh well. I think we need him to win this game and you have all offseason to heal. Worth the gamble.