Playoffs Ain't Easy: The Outer Limits

After game 3 I wrote that this was the series from “Lost”. May I change that to “The Outer Limits”? This series is simply insane.

Now 4 games in I have to surmise that the Celtics are just about as psycho as this Bulls team. How does a veteran team go from a dominant performance in game 3 to 19 turnovers and a terrible defensive effort in game 4? Is it apathy or ineptitude? Do they still not take the Bulls seriously? Didn’t someone tell them that without KG they can’t just flip a switch when they need to win?

Maybe the Bulls are better than I thought. Or the Celtics not as good. Whatever the case it’s undeniably fascinating to watch.

Derrick Rose 1 assist and/or 3 turnovers away from a triple-double. Ben Gordon continuing to make huge shots — think he’s getting paid this offseason? John Salmons blocking shots and forcing Paul Pierce into turnovers. Noah playing like a man possessed. Tyrus Thomas making huge blocks and huge jumpers but attempting shots that would get you benched in a rec league. A great game off the bench by Kirk Hinrich. Aaron Gray laughing it up on the bench during extremely tense game situations, then waving goodbye and hollering at Kendrick Perkins after his 6th foul. It’s all so exciting. The playoffs rule.

You know what doesn’t rule? The officiating. I don’t care to list examples, but suffice to say the Champs have received the majority of the favorable calls.

I thought the Bulls could steal a game or two from Boston. But beating them in Boston, and in a double-overtime game? Wow. Now I think they could win the series. I still don’t think they will, but I sure think it’s possible. Does that say more about the Bulls or the Celtics?

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  • Matt Clapp

    Tyrus and is incredibly low basketball IQ are killing me. Just please stick to the blocks, boards, and dunks. Another out of control spin move or fadeaway jumper with 20 seconds left on the shot clock and I’m going to lose it. He drove me nuts today, and then it was capped off by not passing to Rose at the end of regulation when we were shooting free throws. I love what hes doing on the boards and his insane blocks, hes an unreal talent. But he’s just unbelievably frustrating at the same time.

  • zoner

    How about the stones on this guy not giving up the rock to DRose–you’re right. Insanity. Some of the jumpers are ok, but the crazy, out of control moves are just brutal.