Vinny Knows: It's All About the D

“We switched coverages. We did different things. We made some adjustments. We have to get back to controlling the game from a points standpoint.” - Vinny Del Negro

Amen and Amen. It’s great fun to see Ben Gordon pouring in shots and putting up some gaudy point totals. It’s fun to watch Salmons and his crafty scoring. To watch Brad Miller hit mid-range jumpers. But no team deserves to win a game where they allow 90 points in just 3 quarters, as the Bulls did against the Raptors on Sunday.

Quick aside- if ever any team needed a no-nonsense, kick ‘em in the pants coach it’s the Raptors. They play some beautiful basketball but have no grit or defensive determination.

Back to the Bulls, this is why I harp on Ben Gordon. In order to improve their defense, it’s likely going to have to come at the 2 guard slot. Rose isn’t going anywhere at point and Hinrich in the hybrid role is a solid defender. Deng and Salmons will manage the 3. Thomas, Noah and Miller will man the front court.

So it comes down to BG. Salmons could play the 2 with Deng hopefully healthy and his old self at the 3 next year. I don’t think Deng is as good as he’s hyped to be as a defender, but he is light years ahead of Gordon in that department.

What do you think?

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  • Pete Marasmitch

    You’re right: The Raptors can’t defend a brown bag, baby (cursed banner ads!). I don’t know if it’s the players or the coaching, but there *will* be changes.

    On the other hand, they sure can score, can’t they? When the Raptors roll, they steamroll.

  • zoner

    Maybe they are in the wrong conference!

  • Stormin Norman

    My only problem with lining Salmons up at the 2 is his suspect ballhandling. Rose would be the only one who could put the ball on the court. You make a good point about Gordon’s defense though…

  • docksquad

    bgeezy’s d has been terrible for yrs. we all know that. i wonder if salmons can consistently guard 2′s though. deng is a better team defender then he is man to man. deng’s d is overrated in my opinion. i just don’t see this squad being a solid d squad. maybe they should go 6 secs or less and play suns ball.

    nice post.

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