Let's Not Freak Out About the Bulls

The Bulls smoked the Heat to move into the a tie for the 7th seed in the East. But I’m not ready to freak out just yet. Maybe Sam Smith is though. In his recent blog at Bulls.com, Smith had this to say:

“Could this be the start of something big? You are starting to get that feeling with the Bulls, who dominated the Miami Heat Thursday, 106-87, to win for the sixth time in the last seven games and ninth of the last 10 at home and move into seventh place in the Eastern Conference, percentage points ahead of the Detroit Pistons.”

I wouldn’t get too excited. I’m happy that since the trade they have done much better. But they still turnover the ball too much and have a team without much experience. Certainly progress is nice, and with a young team it should be expected, right? But the start of something big? If you define that as maybe winning a playoff game or two then you might get that.

But “something big” to most Bulls fans means conference championships and Grant Park rallies. It will be nice to be back into the playoffs. But that’s where some teams live–teetering on the brink of good and bad. This team has much work to do before Chicago really gets excited.

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