Pip's Tips

Pip’s Tips…the prescience of Pip with the ferocity of the fan.

#1 Vinny Del Negro voiced his concern over Luol Deng’s absence because “It hurts our flexibility. Guys have to play extended minutes”. But with DRose on the bench and Tim Thomas playing all of 4 minutes and change due to back spasms, Gray, Roberson and Linton Johnson were all DNP-CDs.

Pip’s Tip for Vinny: don’t say things just to say them and don’t send mixed messages.

Pip’s Tip for Pax: why do you sign these guys if they are not going to play at all? Certainly there are other players out there that can log some minutes. Sign guys that will be able to take the floor.

#2 Tyrus Thomas takes the ball off the dribble and tries to get to the basket. He’s out of control and throws up a prayer that doesn’t even hit the rim. Pistons run the break the other way. Meanwhile, Thomas remains on the other end of the court scowling at the official.

Pip’s Tips: Thomas needs to understand he’s not going to get calls when he’s out of control. And more importantly, don’t sit there and stare down the ref. Get your butt back down to the other end of the court and do what you do best: alter shots and play D.

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