Deng: He Knows The System

While searching the internet to find a John Salmons Bulls jersey, I came across this item about what Vinny thinks of Luol Deng’s impending return. Whenever that is.

“He’ll fit in whenever,” Del Negro said. “He knows the system and what we expect. Whenever you can get a talented body back with Lu’s versatility, you want that in your lineup.”

You know who else knew the system? Jonathan Quinn.



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  • Stormin Norman

    I take exception to the implication that there even is a system. What system? I haven’t seen any system.

  • Zoner

    Oh man–why didn’t I think of that? That’s right on.

    I think it’s Rose brings it up. High screen from Miller. Rose dribbles some more and drives and scores or dishes it to someone. I think I got it. WHat do you think?

  • Stormin Norman

    Whoa whoa, slow down. High what to what? -VDN

  • Zoner

    Dude that’s gold!