If Vinny's Out, Who's Got Next?

It’s possible that Vinny Del Negro could stay on as coach of the Bulls after this season. Imagine that they do make the playoffs as the 8 or 7 seed and maybe win a game in that series.

But I think most observers believe he will still be let go after the season. That makes it an even worse move by Paxson, because it was almost a certainty that he would need time with no coaching experience.

Bulls fans have reason for optimism after shedding some dead weight from the roster and of course, the greatness of Derrick Rose. However, most remain grim about the prospects of seeing Del Negro for a second season.

So let’s say that Vinny is gone after season’s end. Who would you want as coach of this team for the next 3-4 seasons? Who do you want shepherding the talents of DRose? What coach might have some sway with the big free agent crop of 2010? Who would work well with Paxson if he stays? (That’s an entirely different post) These are a few of the important questions. While I am not necessarily advocating any of these prospects, here’s a quick list off the top of my head:

  • Avery Johnson
  • Doug Collins
  • Flip Saunders
  • Terry Porter
  • Maurice Cheeks
  • Dwane Casey
  • Sam Mitchell
  • Mike Fratello
  • Eric Musselman
  • Pete Myers
  • Bill Cartwright
  • Jeff Van Gundy

Comment on these guys, or add someone else to the list.

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  • Stormin Norman

    We need someone who will not micro-manage Rose, but will not sit and do nothing and let the players run the team. We also need someone who will give minutes to the young guys and let them play through mistakes. I think if you just look at those criteria, a bunch of these guys would not be good. Collins, Johnson, Porter, Myers, Fratello are all out. I like Van Gundy, though he might not play the young guys as much. Also Cheeks seems to get young players to play well.

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