Who Is This Thabo Guy?

The story starts like this:

Russell Westbrook and Thabo Sefolosha made big baskets in the final 2 minutes Wednesday night, leading Oklahoma City to an 88-83 victory over the Washington Wizards for the Thunder’s first three-game winning streak of the season.

I re-read it. That Thabo Sefolosha? For real?

Fantasy geeks are wiggin’. People are writing about him. The “quiet” deadline deal that may be a steal.

His numbers look nice since becoming a Thunder. He’s averaging 11-6-2 with almost 2 steals per game. He’s shooting around 44%/31%/73%. But let’s not get too excited.

No doubt the increased playing time has helped him. But my brain is scarred from front-rim 15-footers. Air-ball 3s. Passes it to the wrong color jersey. And other general badness.

If he has found his niche and the change of teams is what he needed, then good for him and good for the Thunder. But I want to see more and more before I get all silly over him. He didn’t get many minutes here in Chicago for a reason.

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  • Stormin Norman

    Let’s not get too upset. Even though his %s are up a bit, I read something that his per 48 minutes numbers are basically the same as they were with the Bulls. Also as soon as Durant comes back Thabo will go back to his rightful place, the bench.

  • zoner

    Agreed. I’m pulling for him, but just don’t think he will ever be a really good offensive player. Maybe the next Stacey Augmon??

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  • bino

    Lets see 11 6 and 2 for one of the worst teams in the league, and what is Salmons doing for us?? Who cares what Thabo is doing? He’s not better than Gordon, Hinrich, or Salmons. And we got a 1st round pick for him to free up cap space. He’s a decent player but we had no room for him, so who cares.

  • zoner

    I don’t necessarily care about Thabo, but I most definitely care about the moves the GM makes, and how he assesses talent and what he gets out of it. So I will always have an interest in players that leave here and what they do post-Bulls.

  • truth

    Thabo is ballin’ with OKC.



    • http://pippenainteasy.com zoner

      Thabo is brutal.